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To say that Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe spent a lot of time together would be an understatement. The pair literally grew up together, spending a decade of their lives filming and promoting the Harry Potter movies. Thanks to all the time they spent together, they got to know each other very well. In fact, Watson shared that she thought of both Radcliffe and Rupert Grint as her brothers.

Harry Potter cast Tom Felton, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Matthew Lewis
‘Harry Potter’ cast: Tom Felton, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Matthew Lewis | Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Emma Watson recalls being amazed by Daniel Radcliffe

Despite all the time that the trio spent together, they still managed to surprise one another. This was especially true in the later Harry Potter movies. Watson has been candid about the fact that she was in awe of some of the acting abilities that her fellow co-stars displayed. In an interview with JoBlo, the Beauty and the Beast star admitted that she was particularly impressed by Radcliffe’s daring and nerve.

“I’ve had moments exactly the same with Dan where I’ve just been amazed,” Watson shared about Radcliffe. “I mean particularly with a lot of the stunt work Dan’s had to do in the last movie. He’s fearless and he’ll just launch himself off building, all this stuff, and I’m just gobsmacked that he just gives it everything, and it’s really admirable, definitely.”

The ‘Little Women’ alum needed a break after filming the final two ‘Harry Potter’ movies

Watson continued to be impressed with Radcliffe even after they wrapped the Harry Potter movies. The Little Women alum has explained that filming the last two Harry Potter movies was physically and emotionally grueling. Naturally, she wanted a break from acting afterward and took some time off to earn her Bachelor’s degree from Brown University. Radcliffe, however, dove right back into acting in a new project.

“It feels nice to be able to take a bit of a break,” Watson shared about wrapping the Harry Potter movies. “I don’t know how Dan’s doing it to be honest, because making these two films back to back was exhausting, I mean really exhausting. I was hanging in rags when we finished shooting, so I don’t know how Dan is doing it. He’s kind of amazingly energetic.”

Watson really committed herself to the Hermione-Bellatrix torture scene

Watson may have been impressed with Radcliffe’s penchant for going for broke, but she approached some of her intense scenes at full throttle also. A good example of this is the scene where Hermione gets tortured by Bellatrix. Watson spent hours researching in order to prepare for the scene. She even encouraged [director] David Yates to keep filing her screams long after he wanted to yell cut.


Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, & Rupert Grint Didn’t Hang Out When They Weren’t Filming ‘Harry Potter’

“It was quite horrible to do, but it was a real challenge and I enjoyed having the challenge and I had that demanding thing to do,” Watson shared about her torture scene. “I think as Bellatrix, she’s just terrifying because she looks so unhinged, she looks so crazy…I don’t think [Helena Bonham Carter] actually enjoyed doing it. I guess it showed that I was doing a good job that she felt uncomfortable.”

Clearly, both Watson and Radcliffe committed themselves to the Harry Potter movies. And considering that the films are still loved today, it’s wise that they didn’t hold back in their performances.