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Being a part of the Harry Potter cast was akin to winning the lottery, especially for the golden trio. Overnight, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson became household names. But the experience was pretty unorthodox in the acting world. The trio of actors literally grew up on camera, devoting a decade of their lives to the eight films. But even after 10 years of acting alongside each other, the thespians were still able to impress one another with their performances.

Harry Potter alums Rupert Grint and Emma Watson
Rupert Grint and Emma Watson | Yui Mok – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Emma Watson gushed about Rupert Grint’s performance in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2’

Watson hasn’t been shy about the fact that her fellow castmates managed to impress her with their talent throughout their Harry Potter tenure. In an interview with JoBlo, the Noah actor recalled a time when Grint left her astonished. While filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, Watson was impressed with the way that Grint approached Fred’s death. In fact, she was so surprised that she had to remind herself to keep acting.

“There’s a scene where Rupert’s brother dies and the amazing thing about Rupert is that he’s a very self-contained human being,” Watson explained. “It’s very rare that you see him get emotional. The minute the camera rolls, he just becomes this other thing and he has so much, and I’m like, ‘Where does that come from?’ Anyway, there’s a scene where he cries and I remember having to remind myself to keep acting because I just wanted to go, ‘You’re amazing! That was amazing!’ I don’t know where he pulled it from.”

Daniel Radcliffe also managed to impress the ‘Little Women’ actor

Of course, Grint wasn’t the only one who managed to impress Watson. She was also appreciative of the way Radcliffe approached the work with immense bravery. According to the Beauty and the Beast actor, Radcliffe attacked his action scenes at maximum capacity.

“I’ve had moments exactly the same with Dan where I’ve just been amazed,” Watson shared. “I mean particularly with a lot of the stunt work Dan’s had to do in the last movie. He’s fearless and he’ll just launch himself off, building all this stuff, and I’m just gobsmacked that he just gives it everything, and it’s really admirable, definitely.”

Watson explains how she approached acting while filming the ‘Harry Potter’ movies

Radcliffe’s penchant for throwing himself into a scene seems to be quite different from Watson’s unique acting process. According to Watson, she relies more on intellect and will work a scene out mentally before she puts it into action.

“I think for me, I have quite an academic, like a heady approach I guess to the way that I act, and us just talking through what it meant; what does it mean for her?” Watson shared. “How does it relate to her past? What does she think about this? Having the time to be very clear in my head about what exactly everything was allowed me to give a really good performance.”


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Clearly, Grint, Watson, and Radcliffe all had unique ways of approaching their work in Harry Potter. However, the trio of actors seem to have made their unique acting styles work.