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The Madrigal family lives together in one magical home. Almost every member of this family boasts unique and miraculous powers. Well, all except Mirabel. Who is the most powerful character from the Disney 2021 release, Encanto? Here’s what we know about the family Madrigal. 

Disney’s ‘Encanto’ features the Madrigal family with magical powers

An 'Encanto' step-and-repeat at the opening night fan event for Disney's 'Encanto'
An ‘Encanto’ step-and-repeat at the opening night fan event for Disney’s ‘Encanto’ | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

With music created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Disney’s Encanto told the story of one powerful family living in Colombia. As explained during “The Family Madrigal,” each member of this family was awarded a gift thanks to Abuela’s magical candle. Although it started with Abuela, the first family members to receive gifts were the siblings named Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno.

Pepa’s mood controlled the weather, while Julieta’s food healed any ailments. The Madrigal family didn’t talk about Tio Bruno, but people said he could see into the future. 

Pepa and her husband had three children. The eldest child, Dolores, had super strong hearing, while her brother Camilo could shapeshift. The youngest sibling, named Antonio, could speak to animals. 

Julieta and her husband also had three children, the eldest two daughters acting as the “beauty and the brawn.” Isabela embodied the beauty with her chlorokinesis, or the ability to conjure and grow plants. Luisa, who had super strength, embodied the brawn. And Mirabel? The third child of Julieta? Well, Mirabel didn’t get any magical gift. 

Who is the most powerful character in Disney’s ‘Encanto’?

When it comes to the Madrigal family, everyone is powerful. However, which person is the most powerful is open to fans’ interpretation. Unlike characters from Marvel and The Incredibles, these Disney characters used their powers to do everyday tasks instead of fight villains. 

Luisa’s strength helped her collect donkeys and even move churches. Julieta’s arepa helped her husband’s bee stings. Even if it was for his benefit, Camilo used his gift to get seconds of food. 

These gifts weren’t always a good thing, though. Pepa can create hurricanes similar to the one that ruined her wedding day. Bruno’s gift wasn’t widely accepted. Still, his visions were an accurate way to predict whether someone would go bald or another people’s fish would die.


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Mirabel eventually brings the magic back to the Madrigal home

Sure, Maribel wasn’t given a magical gift, but her bravery is what saved her family. Without Maribel, the rest of her family would be without their magic and without their home.

Abuela was also power-less, but if it wasn’t for her and Abuelo’s sacrifice, none of her children and grandchildren would have their gifts. Eventually, she learned that the greatest gift wasn’t her family’s powers but her family itself. 

Even the Madrigal house has its own magic, coming to life to help characters like Mirabel and Abuela. First released in theaters, Encanto is now available on Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+.