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Actor Valerie Bertinelli just received a very important package recently: an advance copy of the Food Network star’s upcoming memoir Enough Already. Opening up about the nearing publication date for the book, the former One Day at a Time star admitted the moment is a little nerve-wracking.

Food Network host Valerie Bertinelli at book signing event for her 2019 cookbook, 'Valerie's Home Cooking'
Food Network host Valerie Bertinelli at a 2019 book signing event for her cookbook, ‘Valerie’s Home Cooking’ |
Robin Marchant/Getty Images for NYCWFF

Bertinelli announced her upcoming book earlier this year

Appearing on Today remotely by video feed from her home this summer, the actor stated she was working on an upcoming memoir. The book’s title, she revealed, has everything to do with her growing acceptance of herself and increasing dissatisfaction with the self-hate she says has been nursed for too long: “Enough already with beating ourselves up, right?”

“It’s a very, very personal book,” she admitted. “My journey has taken me from…I just don’t want to beat myself up anymore. And I know so many women my age, younger, older, we’re so busy beating ourselves up that we just don’t find the love, and the wonder and the grace that are really within us.”

Valerie Bertinelli just got an advance copy of ‘Enough Already’

In a recent video Instagram post, Bertinelli told followers she had received a pre-production copy of the book scheduled to release on Jan. 18. The reality of the book’s publication is becoming “really real” to her.

“Oh, it’s here,” she said. “It’s still in the bubble wrap. It’s becoming really real. Really real real.”

In the video, she read a portion from the introduction she wrote for the book.

“This is a love story,” she read. “I’ve tried to share experiences that have taught me about hope, joy, happiness, forgiveness, kindness, and love. Most of all, love. As I move forward in life, I continue to learn it’s only, and all, about love in the end.”


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Her hope for the memoir

In an “ask me anything” event on talkshoplive, Bertinelli answered fans’ questions about Enough Already, her career, and life. She explained that the memoir became an idea when she “started reflecting on what it’s like to age. Not necessarily in this business but just as we are. What I’m hoping that a lot of you will take away from this book is that your stories are incredibly similar to mine.”

Bertinelli wants her fans to know that while she’s had a long and storied career as an actor and now a Food Network personality, she knows they will be able to relate to the common human emotions and experiences she shares in the memoir.

“Yes, we may have different lives, we do different things for a living, but our stories are very similar,” she continued. “I really have a feeling that everyone will connect with this book, with one story or another. Because I think that a lot of our stories are universal.”