Erica Mena Calls Wendy Williams ‘a Creature’ & The Internet Has Thoughts

It seems that the feud between reality TV star, Erica Mena and talk show host, Wendy Williams is still going strong. On March 6, 2021, the two found themselves in the news after Williams commented on Mena’s latest pregnancy announcement on her show, The Wendy Williams Show. Mena took offense to the comments that the host made and chose to retaliate on Twitter with some insults of her own.

Erica Mena wears a nude lip and lashes to the Diamond Ball
Erica Mena | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

When Mena announced that she was expecting baby number two with her husband, Safaree Samuels, fans’ feelings were pretty mixed. While some people congratulated the couple on their expanding family, others questioned why they’d chosen to have another child together. The couple’s relationship has been rocky over the years, each other them insulting the other publicly at one point in the relationship. When Williams called out the couple’s contentious relationship on her show, it was the last straw for Mena.

Erica Mena threatens to beat up Wendy Williams

Taking to her Twitter page, Mena threatened to beat up Williams, citing that Williams’ ex-husband (who was accused of domestic abuse) “didn’t do a good enough job.” Naturally, many people felt that Mena’s comments were in poor taste, but the expectant mother was quick to share that she has no regrets about the statement made. In fact, on May 7, 2021, she made the decision to double down on her insults.

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“There was nothing more to really report on hot topics besides we are expecting another blessing,” Mena wrote about Williams. “But as always this creature always wants to give advice on marriage, a subject she failed at. She never attacks the men who actually are at fault. It’s always her going at women.”

Mena doesn’t regret the controversial threat she posted on Twitter

Continuing on, Mena shared that she’d noticed a difference between the way Williams treats men and women on her show. “Me being one any chance she gets,” the reality TV star wrote. “For years I stood quiet when it comes to this creature’s nasty statements. This time I played her own game. I don’t regret or take back anything. No one is going to constantly disrespect me and put limits on how I disrespect back.”

While some of Mena’s fans agreed with her and praised her for sticking up for herself, others felt she was in the wrong. “Girl it’s using domestic violence as an insult,” one Instagram user commented in response to Mena’s tweets. “Tasteless, if you was really sharp you’d have a better come back then that…”

The Internet reacts to the feud

Other people felt that Mena should be grateful that Williams even mentioned her on her show because they felt that was one of the only ways she was staying relevant. “Wendy the only talk show that mentions these D-list reality stars,” one person penned on Instagram. “Be thankful.”

Meanwhile, some people felt that if Mena and Samuels weren’t constantly releasing information about their relationship to the public, Williams, nor anyone else, would have anything to say. “Y’all put all your business out there and get mad when someone comments on it,” yet another person declared.

Many Instagram users want Mena and Safaree Samuels to keep their relationship private

“Girl what’s sick is how your husband said getting married was the worst mistake of his life,” another Instagram user chimed in. Clearly, many people feel that Mena went a bridge too far with how she reacted to Williams. But, it doesn’t seem like the expectant mother is going to change her tune anytime soon.