Erin Krakow Shares Hilarious Photos With Her ‘When Calls the Heart’ Co-Stars Kevin McGarry, Chris McNally at Selfie Museum

They might be rivals on-screen, but there’s no bad blood between Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry in real life. In this season of When Calls the Heart, McNally (who plays Lucas Bouchard) and McGarry (who plays Nathan Grant) are competing for the affection of Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow). But the three actors are all friends off-screen, as Krakow proved with a recent series of posts on Instagram. 

Erin Krakow and her co-stars hang out at the Selfie Museum

With many people locked down because of the coronavirus, Krakow decided to share some images of a fun activity from before the crisis. She, McNally, and McGarry visited the Selfie Museum in Denver, where they posed for a few fun pictures. 

“I was [lucky] enough to go on a little work trip to Colorado w/ @kevin_mcgarry_w & @chrismcnally last year,” she wrote. “Did we find ourselves at a selfie museum? Yes we did. Did we go BANANAS? Yes we did. Thought this might be a good time to post some of the FRUITS of our labor.”

Some images appear to show Krakow and her co-stars defying gravity by levitating above a bed. In others, the trio pose in a red-lit mirrored room, including one where McGarry sticks a ball under his shirt and pretends to be pregnant.

Fans love the light-hearted photos 

Chris McNally, Erin Krakow and Kevin McGarry
Chris McNally, Erin Krakow, and Kevin McGarry | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

The fun images struck a chord with Krakow’s followers, who were glad to see something that could put a smile on their faces. The actress was happy to oblige.    

“Let me know if you want more of the selfie museum series,” Krakow wrote. Fans and friends responded that they did. 

“More more more! I identify with that last photo of Kevin,” wrote When Calls the Heart actress Andrea Brooks, who gave birth to her first child in 2019. 

“Love seeing photos!! More please!!” commented one fan. Another said that the photos were “making my day.”

Krakow also wished McGarry a happy birthday

In one of her posts, Krakow also took a moment to send her best wishes to McGarry, who celebrated his birthday on March 19. Going out to celebrate obviously wasn’t an option for the actor, but Krakow made sure to let him know that she was thinking of him. 

“Now is not the most fun time for a birthday – what with social distancing and all – so I hope you’ll help me celebrate Kevin from afar,” she wrote. “Please comment below one wonderful thing about Kevin.”

Krakow shared when the two actors did their first chemistry read together, she was the one who was nervous and that he did his best to make her comfortable and calm her nerves. Fans chimed in with praise for the actor’s performance on the show, his sense of humor, and his talent. 

McGarry was touched by all the kind comments. 

“Honestly – thank you all so much for your kind words!” he wrote. “This post really knocked me off my feet!”

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