Erin Krakow of ‘When Calls the Heart’ Stars With Tyler Hynes in New Hallmark Movie, ‘It Was Always You’

Hallmark Channel viewers are getting a double dose of Erin Krakow this weekend. In addition to appearing in an all-new episode of When Calls the Heart, she’ll also star opposite Tyler Hynes in the new Hallmark original movie It Was Always You, which airs Saturday, Feb. 27. 

Erin Krakow plays another character named Elizabeth in ‘It Was Always You’ 

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On When Calls the Heart, the Juilliard-trained Krakow plays a character named Elizabeth Thornton. In It Was Always You, she plays another character named Elizabeth. But instead of a schoolteacher on the Canadian frontier, this time, she’s a woman whose engagement plans are thrown into disarray when her fiancé’s free-spirited brother David (Tyler Hynes) shows up in town. 

Krakow’s character is trying to finalize the last-minute details for her engagement party when a storm leaves her future husband stranded on the other side of town. David’s presence isn’t helping things, but with the engagement party looming, his unexpected influence prompts Elizabeth to question her life decisions. 

Krakow’s character is looking for ‘zing’  

Tyler Hynes and Erin Krakow eating popcorn in It Was Always You
Tyler Hynes and Erin Krakow in It Was Always You | ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Luba Popovic

In the movie, Elizabeth is a hyper-organized, type A personality who “loves her lists,” as Krakow said in Hallmark Channel’s behind-the-scenes look at the movie. But when she reconnects with David, who she knew when they were kids, it puts a wrinkle in her carefully ordered life. 

Hynes revealed that Elizabeth gets some love advice from Grandma Vivien (Paula Shaw).

“You can’t force zing, and you can’t deny it,” Vivien tells Elizabeth. 

“Grandma makes reference to something called ‘the zing,’” Hynes explained. “I think we see some zing in his movie.”

Eventually, Elizabeth has to face her feelings for David, even though David is a “rule-breaker” who “takes nothing seriously.” 

“There’s just something undeniable about their connection,” Krakow said. “Somewhere along the way, Elizabeth sees a different side of David.”

Tyler Hynes addresses the plot of ‘It Was Always You’  

Tyler Hynes standing on porch in It Was Always You
Tyler Hynes in It Was Always You | ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Luba Popovic

Given that It Was Always You seems to involve a guy falling for his brother’s girlfriend, some viewers might be a worried that the movie could strike a sour note. Hynes addressed those concerns during a recent appearance on the Deck the Hallmark podcast. 

He confessed that when he read the script, he wondered, “How are they going to end this movie where it’s not going to be heinous? Because personally, I don’t like movies with cheating in them. I really don’t like them.”

But the script, he said, “was really well written,” which sold him on the movie. “For me, it works … life is life, people do find themselves in these precarious situations. And there’s a version of this that is heinous, and then there’s a version of this that is life and is still beautiful despite [everything].”

Krakow told AM Northwest that she was immediately drawn to the movie because of the script. “Everything felt so true to life,” she said. Her character is “on a journey to figure out who she really is … it was through this friendship with David that she was reminded of who she used to be and what would actually truly make her happy.”

It Was Always You airs Saturday, Feb. 27 at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel. 

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