Eugene Levy Trying to Drink a Soda Is the Most ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Story Ever

If it wasn’t already clear Eugene Levy is one of the most beloved actors in comedy, a tribute video from his show business colleagues confirms it. The Newport Beach Film Festival is awarding Levy a lifetime achievement award. His son, Schitt’s Creek creator Dan Levy, made a video of testimonials from cast members and some of Levy’s other co-stars. The stories they tell are classic Eugene Levy.

Eugene Levy
Eugene Levy | Pop TV

One Schitt’s Creek costar has the best story about Eugene Levy drinking a soda on the set. Read about that and more below, and watch the full video Dan Levy shared. 

Eugene Levy was known for his pauses

Eugene Levy is a slow talker. At least that mean he never fumbled for his words. Schitt’s Creek costar Noah Reid lamented he was stumbling in his kind words for Levy.

“Eugene would do a way better speech for me,” Reid said. “It would take much longer. He would be like, ‘Yeah, Noah, wow, yeah.’”

Schitt's Creek Johnny and Moira
Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara | Pop TV

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Chris Elliott had a lot of scenes with Levy as Roland Schitt. Elliott lovingly teased Levy for his slow line delivery.

“The first day of shooting, I was blown away just watching him act, taking his dramatic pauses and listening to the other actors,” Elliott said. “I learned a lot that first day. I learned that those dramatic pauses were really because he couldn’t remember his lines.”

The ‘Schitt’s Creek’ cast looked up to Eugene Levy

Dan Levy said he learned how to run Schitt’s Creek from his father. They created the show together but Dan mostly took over after season 2.

“You’re very good at what you do and you set a bar for everyone that you work with,” Dan Levy said. “You are incredibly professional. You are incredibly kind and you have been such a role model for me just in terms of how to be good generally and good at your job.”

Schitt's Creek Rose Family
L-R: Annie Murphy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy | Pop TV

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Jenn Robertson, who played Jocelyn Schitt, worked towards the moments when she could get a laugh out of Eugene Levy.

“He’s a pretty special guy and when he laughs, when Eugene laughs at something that you’ve done it is the best feeling in the world,” Robertson said. “Thank you for choosing me to play this character and changing my life.”

Drinking a soda, ‘Schitt’s Creek’ style

Dustin Milligan played Ted Mullens on Schitt’s Creek. Milligan shared perhaps the most charming Eugene Levy story ever. It can get hot filming a TV show, so Eugene just wanted a cold drink.

“One time during lunch on Schitt’s Creek, Eugene had a warm can of soda that he wanted to make cold,” Milligan said. “So he took an ice cube and tried to fit it inside the opening of this warm can of soda, but it wouldn’t fit.”

Undeterred, Levy spent a good deal of his lunch break working on that can and ice cube. 

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“So he started rubbing it around the rim of the can and then around the can itself trying to, I guess, simultaneously cool off the can and melt the ice cube enough to get it to fit inside but it just still would not fit. He never stopped trying for at lest nine, eleven, 12 minutes straight. That’s it. That’s the story. I love Eugene so much.”