‘Euphoria’: Fans Think They Spotted Jennifer Lopez in a Season 2 Trailer

The scandalous HBO series Euphoria is preparing for its second season. For fans, the premiere can’t come soon enough. The teen drama series, which premiered on HBO in 2019, follows a group of teenagers who deal with a variety of serious issues, from exploring their sexuality to the perils of drug addiction and violence.

Euphoria‘s first season received major critical acclaim, and the second season has been hotly anticipated for nearly two years. Now, with a brand-new trailer making the rounds ahead of the season two premiere, some eagle-eyed fans think they’ve spotted an A-list celebrity, Jennifer Lopez, in the promotional footage.

‘Euphoria’ fans think they spotted Jennifer Lopez in the season two trailer


The newest teaser trailer for the second season of Euphoria dropped in early January 2022. Fans wasted no time doing a deep dive. In one clip from the trailer, viewers catch up with the character Maddy Perez, played by Alexa Demie.

Perez can be seen chatting with what looks like a new friend, a confidante to get her through some of her relationship troubles. Fans pointed out immediately that this new friend is a dead ringer for Jennifer Lopez.

As reported by Tyla, fans debated whether it was Lopez herself making an appearance in Euphoria. “Omg is that J.Lo,” one fan commented. Another wrote, “Who the f–k was that? J.Lo?” In spite of the startling resemblance, Lopez does not play the new character. In fact, Minka Kelly, Lopez’s celebrity doppelgänger, is the actor seen in the trailer.

Minka Kelly is new to the world of ‘Euphoria’

Kelly is a new addition to the Euphoria cast. Her casting announcement occurred in the summer of 2021, to fan acclaim. While few details have been released about the specifics of Kelly’s character, The Hollywood Reporter notes that Kelly will play a “drugged-out” suburban housewife who’s jaded by her past and some of her decisions. 

Kelly first rose to fame in the TV series Friday Night Lights. Fans know the now-41-year-old for her stunning natural beauty and sexpot image. Kelly has been linked to several high-profile men over the years, including Derek Jeter and Trevor Noah. Kelly’s most high-profile role in recent years is on the HBO Max series Titans. But her Euphoria character is set to be one of her buzziest to date.

When does the second season of ‘Euphoria’ premiere?

Zendaya appears in the season two trailer for 'Euphoria'
The season two trailer for Euphoria featuring Zendaya | Movie Coverage via Youtube

The first season of Euphoria ended on a low note. Rue, played by Zendaya, struggled with the results of her ongoing drug abuse. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait too much longer to see what happens to the young girl. The second season of the hit show will debut on HBO Max on January 9, 2022.

According to Distractify, the second season will contain eight episodes, just like the first season. The publication also notes that the second season will pick up right after the first, narratively speaking. Many of the stars from the first season will reprise their roles.

Zendaya will return as Rue in a role that has transformed her career trajectory from Disney darling to serious actor. It isn’t certain whether Zendaya will share any scenes with Kelly’s character. But one thing is for sure: Fans will watch closely for more sneak peeks and special clips of the upcoming second season of Euphoria

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