‘Euphoria’: Laurie Might Have Another Job Outside of Selling Drugs

After “Stand Still Like the Hummingbird,” Laurie (Martha Kelly) is one of the most talked-about Euphoria characters from season 2 of the HBO series. Laurie has a generally calm demeanor on the surface, but fans know the character is more sinister than that. Many think Laurie is running a much bigger operation as a sex trafficker outside of selling drugs. 

Drug dealer Laurie (Martha Kelly) in the HBO series 'Euphoria'
Martha Kelly | HBO

Laurie helped Rue in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 5, despite the $10,000 she owes  

Rue (Zendaya) owes Laurie a lot of money now that her mom flushed $10,000 worth of drugs down the toilet. While Rue tried to do right by Laurie, showing up to her apartment with $2,000 in cash and a bunch of jewelry wasn’t a solution. “This isn’t a pawn shop,” Laurie tells Rue in the season 2 episode

And yet, Laurie was more than willing to deliver morphine to Rue intravenously. Some fans think Laurie gave Rue more than one dose of morphine so she could trap her into sex trafficking. 

“Laurie was trying to play innocent,” one fan on Reddit pointed out. “Her entire motive is to make Rue feel like she can be safe around her. That way she lets her guard down and Laurie can just take what she wants.”

‘Euphoria’ fans think Laurie is a ‘high functioning addict’ running a sex trafficking operation 

Euphoria fans on Reddit dissected Laurie’s monologue in “Stand Still Like the Hummingbird” and are convinced she has an addiction like Rue. “She didn’t say anything about getting clean,” one Redditor points out. “She’s probably a high functioning addict [with] enough supply to not withdrawal.” 

This fan also thinks Laurie gave Rue the suitcase of drugs because she knew she wouldn’t come through with the money. “[Laurie] wants her desperate, using the needle, and she keeps making references about selling her body,” they added.

“There are locks everywhere in the house. She is most likely a trafficker as it usually is women who recruit girls into trafficking, not men … There’s a reason all those other drug dealers fear her and take her so seriously.”

This fan is convinced Laurie has everything mapped out. “Laurie is not this teddy bear, soft-spoken teacher if she made it that high up in the drug business,” they concluded. 

Many other Euphoria fans in the sub agreed with Laurie’s motives. “Everything Laurie is doing is calculated,” reads another comment. “[Definitely] grooming her to traffic. She’s prolly done it to many other girls in Rue’s position.”

Laurie’s birds have fans doubly convinced she’s hiding something big in ‘Euphoria’ 

In another Reddit thread about the episode, fans discussed Laurie’s many birds in her apartment. “The birds, I believe, were trained to caw whenever they hear the scratching to cover it up,” one Reddit user pointed out. They think the scratching coming from behind the padlocked door was another young woman caught up in Laurie’s sex trafficking operation. 

Rue sneaks out of Laurie’s apartment through a window at the end of the episode, but we don’t know where she lands. Watch new episodes of Euphoria on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. 

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