Every Evan Peters ‘American Horror Story’ Character Ranked By Innocence

Evan Peters has been acting for over a decade at this point. The 33-year-old has been in comedies, sitcoms, and more. His most popular project, though, is the twisted FX anthology series, American Horror Story. It definitely is horror, ranging from sick gore to psychotic thriller. The series is known to toe the line of moral ambiguity, often jumping way over it. 

As with anthology series, Peters plays a new role every season that coincides with its theme. It started out in a classic haunted house scenario, with a pretty not-so-classic plot. He’s played the “boy next door” character and the sadistic killer one, too. So here are his American Horror Story roles ranked from innocent to downright evil.

Kyle Spencer

Starting off the list is Kyle Spencer from American Horror Story: Coven. Over the course of the season, his importance starts to fade, playing a more pivotal role in the beginning episodes. Regardless, he’s a pretty innocent character, or as innocent as a frat boy can be. 

He is enamored with Zoe from the start and follows her around at that first party like a little puppy. That’s all we really see of him, other than the fact that he tries to fight his frat brothers who just sexually assaulted Madison. 

He then becomes a zombie-like character, who can’t string words together after Madison and Zoe bring him back to life. He does kill a few people from then on, but that’s just due to his new state of being. Overall, he had good intentions before being zombified and is therefore fairly innocent. 

Kit Walker

Up next is Kit Walker from the second season, Asylum. He has a lovely life with a lovely wife in the 60s. However, his relationship is a secret because interracial marriages aren’t allowed at that time and aren’t accepted in his community. Then, of course, aliens abduct his wife and things start to go haywire from there. He’s accused of being “Bloody Face,” a serial killer. 

As the season progresses and he spends more time at the Briarcliff insane asylum, he does more and more harmful things. However, a lot of his actions are in self-defense or due to the environment he’s living in. He ends up with a good life after he leaves. Overall, he kept his good character even in really dark times. 

Jimmy Darling

Just like Freak Show was one of the less-important seasons (and one of the least liked) Jimmy Darling is pretty inconsequential. He has a main role in the season and at the circus, but doesn’t really do a ton that’s noteworthy. With that said, he isn’t as good of a guy as Kyle and Kit were. But he also wasn’t inherently bad. He was just put in bad situations. He has a decent ending though, which is happier than most seasons. 

Mr. Gallant

American Horror Story: Apocalypse was such a packed season, what with the end-of-the-world theme, the time travel, and the crossover of Coven and Murder House. Peters played Mr. Gallant, a gay hairdresser who scores a spot at a safe bunker after the world ends. 

He’s sassy and not very nice all the time. But he doesn’t really do anything evil. A very “meh” spot for an equally forgettable character. 

Edward Philipe Mott

Okay, now we’re starting to get into the more morally corrupt characters. In the Roanoke season, Peters played two characters: Edward Philipe Mott and Rory Monahan. Rory was the actor who portrayed Edward in the TV paranormal series. However, Edward is the one on this list. 

He was rich and whatnot, but the reason he’s this far up near “not innocent” is because he was a slave owner. He didn’t have much screentime to do a lot of other harmful things on camera, but owning people is pretty horrible. 

Tate Langdon

Is it controversial that Tate Langdon isn’t at the top of this list? Not really. Tate, Peters very first character on American Horror Story, starts off as a seemingly harmless teen boy with social issues. He’s disturbed, but nothing super out of the ordinary. 

That is, until the Harmons and the audience find out that Tate is a ghost forever tied to the Murder House the Harmons now live in. He was a school shooter in the 90s who killed several students at his high school and who rapes Vivien, Violet’s mom. 

However, in Season 8, it’s noted that Tate was negatively influenced by the evil in the Murder House. That’s what urged him to commit such heinous crimes in the 90s and continue to do so after the Harmons moved in. He still did those things, but he was very complicated and troubled. So that’s why he’s not at the very top. 

Kai Anderson

Coming in at number 2 is Kai from American Horror Story: Cult. He is the on-screen embodiment of racist, hateful rhetoric that is unfortunately all too common in America. He’s sick and twisted and seeing a lot of his hatred on-screen is hard after having to go out and witness it in everyday life as well. 

On top of this, Peters played a lot of other famous cult leaders this season, too, like Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and David Koresh. It’s all to show just how everyday, seemingly regular people can be just as monstrous as something out of Murder House. It’s realistic and that’s the true horror story. 

James Patrick March

Evan Peters at the premiere screening of FX's 'American Horror Story: Hotel' on Oct. 3, 2015
Evan Peters at the premiere screening of FX’s ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ on Oct. 3, 2015 | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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And coming in at the evilest character Peters has played on American Horror Story is James Patrick March. His Hotel character is seriously a monster in human form. When he was alive, Mr. March was a wealthy businessman who built the Hotel Cortez. He was also a serial killer who got joy from torturing and killing his victims. He targeted some religious people and then started committing crimes that went along with the Ten Commandments, thanks to his hatred for God and religion. 

Mr. March’s very explicit murder scenes in this season are some of the most disturbing in the series. He is a bit more of a charismatic and enjoyable character than Kai, though. Really, the reason he’s at the top is that he killed more people than Kai did and he’s genuinely eviler than Tate or anyone else here. And that whipping scene? Covered in blood? Sadistic, even if he is still slightly attractive while doing it.