Every Florence Pugh Movie You Can Stream Right Now

Florence Pugh has been a working actress for many years. The 24-year-old has a talent for making herself known in a movie, no matter the size of the role. And that talent has paid off; in 2019 alone, Pugh starred in several of the year’s most-talked about movies. Not only that, but she received her first Academy Award nomination too. In the midst of all that, Pugh also scored a major role in Marvel’s Black Widow film. If you’re in need of a real Pugh marathon, streaming sites are here for you. Here’s everything you can watch right now.  

Florence Pugh as Elizabeth de Burgh in 'OUTLAW KING.'
Florence Pugh as Elizabeth de Burgh in ‘OUTLAW KING’ | Netflix

Lady Macbeth — Amazon Prime and Hulu

Lady Macbeth is Pugh’s first major acting role in a film. She’s the lead, who is a 19th-century bride who is forced into a marriage with a much-older man. He’s quite cruel to her and she finds that she’s attracted to a man who works on the estate. They have a very physical relationship, and she gets a bit power-hungry with the control she has; the only aspect of her life where she does have such a thing. It’s very dramatic but also a pretty good watch. 

Midsommar — Amazon Prime

Not much needs to be said about Midsommar, nor can you really say enough to do it justice. It’s a horrifying film by Ari Aster (Hereditary) about Dani, a woman who has gone through a lot of trauma in a short period of time. She also doesn’t have a support system and her boyfriend sucks. She tags along with him and his friends to Sweden and they encounter a village that has some very gruesome and terrifying traditions. 

Outlaw King — Netflix

Outlaw King is for anyone who absolutely loves a good period piece, and one set in wartime no less. It’s about Robert the Bruce, who you might remember as Angus Macfadyen’s character in Braveheart. He’s the “outlaw king” of Scotland and has to go up against the powerhouse army that belongs to the British. Pugh plays his wife, Elizabeth Burgh. 

Fighting With My Family — Amazon Prime and Hulu

Fighting With My Family is an underdog. It’s not as hyped up as Pugh’s other 2019 films (Midsommar and Little Women), but it has so much heart and more depth than you might think. It’s based on the true story of Saraya Knight, who goes on to become a massive star in the wrestling world as Paige in the WWE. Pugh is phenomenal and so is everyone else in the cast. 

Malevolent — Netflix 

Just a typical horror movie Malevolent follows a group of scammers, which includes Pugh’s Angela and her brother. They trick the elderly and the gullible into thinking their houses are haunted. In true horror movie fashion, one job ends up being the real thing and it is not pretty. 

The Falling — Amazon Prime

The Falling is a drama starring Pugh and Maisie Williams as best friends in an English all-girls school in the ‘60s. Not only is the school strict but their lives are pretty strict too. There are tragedies and a lot of adolescent confusion, but it’s pretty haunting to watch. 

King Lear — Amazon Prime 

This version of King Lear is from 2018 and made specifically for Amazon Prime. If there was a definition of a stellar cast, this would be it. In addition to Pugh, who plays Lear’s daughter Cordelia, Anthony Hopkins is King Lear. Emma Thompson and Emily Watson are his other daughters, and the rest of the cast is full of family faces. If the trailer isn’t enough to draw you in, the fact that it’s a more modern retelling of the Shakespeare play should be more than enough to hook you. 

Little Women — RENT on Amazon Prime

 Lastly, Little Women isn’t available to stream for free on a service yet, but renting it is pretty affordable on Amazon. It’s a delightful adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s book of the same name and might be the best version of it. Greta Gerwig outdid herself with the timeline and writing to make this a unique experience of a well-known story. Not to mention, Pugh plays Amy March and finally makes her relatable, understood, and worthy of the audience’s sympathy.