Every Insane ‘Jersey Shore’ Moment and 1 You Have to See to Believe

During their time on the Jersey Shore, every single cast member wanted to “have fun and do something crazy.” After six seasons of the hit reality tv show, viewers and cast members alike can probably agree that the mission was more than accomplished.

Read on for a look at some of the most insane moments in Jersey Shore history to gear up for Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

7. Snooki’s first night

Snooki on Jersey Shore

She made quite the first impression. | Giphy

The first episode ever to air of Jersey Shore included the cast’s first night together. It went how most parties filled with strangers in their 20s go. There was lots of getting-to-know-you chit chat, some flirting, and, of course, shots.

While most of the housemates kept relatively composed (surprisingly), Snooki decided to go real hard on her first night. She gave it her all to try and make a move on every male housemate in the jacuzzi, and when that didn’t work out proceeded to pass out while the rest of the house carried on with the night.

She woke up hungover and showed up late to her first day of work the following day. Snooki’s time at the shore was not off to a good start.

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6. The original love triangle

Sammi on Jersey Shore

Their relationship experienced a lot of ups and downs. | Giphy

When fans think back on the trials and tribulations of Jersey Shore, the heated love story of Sammi and Ron undoubtedly comes to mind. But, if you think back to the very beginning, before there was Ron, there was Mike (of all people). Upon moving in, it was Mike and Sammi who were initially flirting.

This all ended, of course, when Sammi started making out with Ron in a club and shortly after the two professed their attraction to one another. Mike was hurt (though adamantly denies it on the show), and began to lash out at the two in any way he could (like by being especially sweet to Sammi in an effort to win her back only to be able to turn her down).

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5. “Where’s the beach?”

Snooki on the boardwalk on Jersey Shore

This infamous moment was one of the funniest. | Giphy

Back in July 2010, Snooki got so drunk that she was desperately searching for the beach while running along the beach. She eventually did find the beach, but only slightly before a few Jersey cops found her.

They put her in the back of a squad car for public intoxication. “I’m a f——g good person!” she screamed as they ushered her into the car.

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4. When Mike (willingly) ran head first into a wall

Mike on the Jersey Shore

He went out of his mind. | Giphy

Mike and Ron were in a heated fight in Rome (or, at least, they were about to be), when Mike starts going absolutely ballistic. He was so riled up that he began throwing furniture (he flipped over a bed), pacing wildly, and, finally, slammed his own head into a wall so hard that he knocked himself out.

He had to spend the rest of the series in a neck brace.

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3. When Snooki fought Angelina to honor her housemates

Angelina on Jersey Shore

She only stayed on the show for one season. | Giphy

“All of yous in this house are f—–g fake and I want you all to know that I can’t stand any of yous! Fake a——s, all of you, ” Angelina proclaimed to the house one night. After trying to reason with her, saying that the cast mates put in work to be a family, Snooki got fed up and told someone to “hold my earrings please” as she went over to Angelina to start a fight.

The cast watched and cheered. At one point, Mike had to move the coffee table out of the way because he “didn’t want anything to happen to the table.”

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2. The letter to Sammi

Sammi and Jenny fight on Jersey Shore

Their fights were epic. | Giphy

Who could forget when Jenni wrote Sammi a letter detailing all the times Ron had cheated on Sammi? The letter was intended to be anonymous, but, of course, all things are revealed with time on the shore.

When the letter’s writer became revealed, it caused a lot of drama between Sammi and Jenni, causing one huge fight in particular.

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1. When Snooki got punched in a club

Snooki gets punched on the Jersey Shore

This is still the show’s craziest moment to date. | Giphy

On one of the group’s nights out, a man started drinking the cast’s drinks. Snooki noticed and told the guy to stop. He responded by turning around and punching her in the face, causing her to fly out of her chair. She was on the ground sobbing when the man was escorted out of the club and into a police car.

“What happened to Snooki was a crime and obviously extremely disturbing,” MTV later said in a statement.

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