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During their time on the Jersey Shore, every single cast member wanted to “have fun and do something crazy.” After six seasons of the hit reality tv show, viewers and cast members alike can probably agree that the mission was more than accomplished.

Read on for a look at some of the most insane moments in Jersey Shore history to gear up for Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

7. Snooki’s first night

Snooki on Jersey Shore
She made quite the first impression. | Giphy

The first episode ever to air of Jersey Shore included the cast’s first night together. It went how most parties filled with strangers in their 20s go. There was lots of getting-to-know-you chit chat, some flirting, and, of course, shots.

While most of the housemates kept relatively composed (surprisingly), Snooki decided to go real hard on her first night. She gave it her all to try and make a move on every male housemate in the jacuzzi, and when that didn’t work out proceeded to pass out while the rest of the house carried on with the night.

She woke up hungover and showed up late to her first day of work the following day. Snooki’s time at the shore was not off to a good start.

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