Everything That Happened to Leo Strange in ‘Being Erica’

Many fans are excited to hear that a reboot of Being Erica is coming soon. The TV show will star different actors, such as Allison Williams as the main character. The upcoming reboot is meant to be a spinoff of the original series.

One storyline from the original show has to do with Leo Strange. Leo is Erica’s brother, and she tries to alter his fate. During her trip in time, she discovers what a fraternity did to Leo.

Devon Bostick as Leo Strange (Front) and Erin Karpluk as Erica Strange (background)
Devon Bostick as Leo Strange and Erin Karpluk as Erica Strange | Stephen Scott/Getty Images

Leo Strange’s life and two deaths

One of the side characters in Being Erica is Leo, and he is the older brother of Erica. Leo cared about his younger sisters growing up and dealt with overprotective parents. 

Leo wished to travel to different places, but his parents pressured him to go to college first. It was not long until he dropped out due to deeply personal reasons. His relationship with his father became worse after he left college. 

Erica was extremely close with Leo. He died years before the events of the series due to a barn fire, and she regrets his death. However, the fire never happens because Erica changes history to save him. 

Since Leo lived, he got the chance to become an architect and settle down. Erica’s interference instead leads to her brother dying in a car accident in his 30s. Leo appears again in Limbo as his sister winds up in a hallway filled with doors to his memories. 

A fraternity assaulted Leo as a hazing ritual

Viewers remained unaware of the real reason why Leo left college in the middle of his education, but it likely had to do with many things, from not knowing what he wanted to do in life to the trauma he endured. The episode “Two Wrongs” explains the events that likely lead to him dropping out.

Erica ends up in her and Leo’s past to undo a regret where, in her original timeline, she spent a weekend with someone else during her brother’s fraternity pledge. Even though he seemed troubled, she remained oblivious. She travels back in time to be there for Leo and make new memories. She sees his upperclassmen in the fraternity treating him badly. 

At one point, the group of bullies mocks Leo with a broom that looks like a woman. In this moment, Erica has the realization that several frat members sexually assaulted him with the broomstick. Although the show only provides implications, the group likely assaulted him with the same broom from earlier.

The assault was a brutal hazing tactic the fraternity uses. Erica confronts one of the frat members and attacks him out of anger, taking Leo and her therapy partner, Adam, with her.

‘Being Erica’ is a Canadian series available on streaming

The plot of Being Erica centers around a woman named Erica, who is unlucky in certain aspects of her life. After hitting rock bottom, Erica is given the chance to see a therapist who can send her back in time to relive, change, and learn from her regrets.

Going back to the past helps Erica gain new insight on how to deal with issues in the present. The series finished after four seasons. The series ended with Erica in the hallway that leads to Leo’s memories. She encourages Leo to open the mysterious door and move on.

Erica’s storyline ends when she becomes an official doctor and meets her first patient. Fans had different reactions to the show’s finale. However, the creator felt the final season was a natural way to conclude the story.

People can binge Being Erica on Hulu and Amazon Prime. An American adaptation is in the works, but the setting most likely will not be in Canada.

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