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Everything Kelsey Grammer Has Shared About the ‘Frasier’ Reboot

Kelsey Grammer thinks the 'Frasier' reboot will make it onto the TV screens of fans before the first quarter of 2022 is over. He's shared some other interesting information about the project, too. Grammer told fans that Frasier will be richer than before, will live in a brand new city, and will likely find himself in a much different place than fans left him.

Kelsey Grammer spent two decades portraying Dr. Frasier Crane, and he’s ready to take on the part again. The famed actor has had a reboot in the works for a long time now. Details are finally coming together. He hasn’t been shy about sharing those details either. Here is everything we know about the upcoming Frasier reboot so far.

Kelsey Grammer revealed that Frasier would be filthy rich in the reboot

Grammer is finally ready to talk about the long-awaited reboot of Frasier, and what he has revealed is pretty interesting. Grammer didn’t go into deep detail, but during multiple interviews, he revealed that the title character is going to be “rich beyond his wildest dreams.” Fans may remember that Frasier wasn’t exactly hurting for money while living in Seattle, so it’ll be interesting to see what Grammer means. According to Grammer, fans of the series can also expect to find the radio psychiatrist in a brand new city and possibly in a brand new profession.

Kelsey Grammer at Dr. Frasier Crane sits at his desk in an episode of 'Frasier'
Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane | Gale Adler/Paramount

It wouldn’t be the first time the psychiatrist made a big change. When first created for the show, Cheers, Frasier was living in Boston and working in private practice. After his divorce, he left the East Coast and headed home to Seattle, where he took a job as a radio talk show host. When fans last left the good doctor in 2004, he was getting on a plane to follow his girlfriend to Chicago. Where he’ll land next is anyone’s guess.

Whether or not the rest of the cast will return is up in the air

While Grammer has committed to return as the title character, the rest of the cast is up in the air. In an interview with New York Live, Grammer revealed that the production team had reached out to the remaining main cast members, but nothing was a done deal yet. David Hyde Pierce spent 11 seasons playing Dr. Niles Crane. Jane Leeves portrayed Daphne Moon, and Peri Gilpin took on the role of Roz Doyle during the show’s illustrious run. The three have not spoken publicly about the reboot. Grammer noted that he hopes they return. 

Moose, John Mahoney, Peri Gilpin, Dan Butler, David Hyde Pierce Kelsey Grammer and Jane Leeves pose for promotional photos for 'Frasier'
The cast of ‘Frasier’ | Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

John Mahoney, the actor who portrayed Martin Crane, died in 2018 from cancer. Grammer did not reveal how the show would deal with the loss of Martin or his lovable canine companion, Eddie. Moose, the dog that portrayed Eddie for most of the show, died in 2006. Enzo, Moose’s son and his replacement on Frasier, died in 2010.

Kelsey Grammer is confident that ‘Frasier’ will return in 2022

Grammer and the production company haven’t decided on an actual release date. They haven’t even headed into the studio to start filming. In fact, Grammer hasn’t even finished polishing the script. Still, he’s confident the series will be made available to fans sometime in 2022.

Kelsey Grammer stands in front of a sign for his famed show, 'Frasier', at his office at Paramount Studios
Kelsey Grammar | Paul Harris/Getty Images

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In a June 2021 interview with Collider, Grammer revealed that the character would be “basically” the same guy but admitted the script wasn’t exactly done yet. He told the publication that they were putting the finishing touches on the storyline before moving to production. Once production begins, Grammer thinks it’ll be a relatively quick process. He didn’t reveal how many episodes the first season is slated for but believes fans will connect with Dr. Frasier Crane and at least some of the old cast in the first quarter of 2022.