Everything To Know About Keanu Reeves’ Girlfriend Alexandra Grant

Pop culture’s favorite icon, Keanu Reeves, recently made headlines yet again when he stepped out with a stunning, silver-haired artist named Alexandra Grant. Considering Reeves’ reclusive nature and the fact that he hasn’t been seen with any sort of romantic partner in many years, this instantly threw fans into a frenzy, as everyone tried to decipher the details of Reeves’ new relationship. Read on to learn who Reeves has been linked to in the past, who Alexandra Grant is, and when the two started dating.

Keanu Reeves has experienced great personal tragedy

Keanu Reeves attends the premiere of "Knock Knock" at TCL Chinese Theatre.
Keanu Reeves | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Reeves became a star in the nineties and has maintained his popularity over several decades, which is no small feat in the tough world of Hollywood. Reeves is also unusual in that he’s been very private regarding his private life.

There is a very short list of women who have been tied to Reeves romantically. However, what fans do know is that Reeves has experienced great loss.

After some brief, rumored relationships with Sophia Coppola and Jill Schoelen, Reeves met Jennifer Syme. The two hit it off immediately, and not long after their initial meeting in 1998, Syme became pregnant with their child.

However, their happiness would end in tragedy, as Syme had a stillbirth when she was eight months pregnant. The child’s death devastated both Reeves and Syme, and neither would ever fully recover from the blow.

They ended their relationship, and then, not even two years later, Syme was killed in a tragic car crash. This would traumatize Reeves, and many fans believe that losing both his girlfriend and his child in such horrible ways caused Reeves to go into seclusion, sealing himself off from love.

In the early 2000s, Reeves was rumored to have been dating actress Claire Forlani, but neither of them ever confirmed their relationship. Happily, the actor seems to have finally found romance again. 

Alexandra Grant is a longtime friend of Keanu Reeves

Recently, Reeves stepped out at an event, hand in hand with a lady named Alexandra Grant. This was significant for several reasons. First, Reeves has never brought a romantic partner to a red-carpet event, and secondly, Reeves has not dated anyone for a very long time.

As fans dug deeper to try and learn more about Grant, it was revealed that she and Reeves have actually known each other for years. In fact, Grant, who is a Los Angeles-based artist, first met Reeves when they collaborated on a book together. The two have been close ever since and now manage a publishing company together.

Grant is a very accomplished woman and works mainly as a visual artist — the 46-year old even owns her own art studio in Los Angeles. Grant speaks multiple languages and is politically active: She voiced her support for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. 

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant recently started dating

Although Reeves and Grant were spotted together as early as 2013, it seems as though their relationship just turned romantic recently. Reeves and Grant attending a red carpet event together seems to be proof positive that the two are happy and in love.

Fans couldn’t be happier that Reeves has someone in his life to make him smile. Social media users have been raving about how thrilled they are, not only that Reeves has a girlfriend, but how age-appropriate the couple is. After all, most Hollywood couples tend to have massive age gaps, while Reeves is 55 and Grant is a mature 46.