‘Evil’ Season 2 Silent Episode is a Hit But Still Leaves Questions

David, Kristen, and Ben have explored myriad Evil cases that put them in dangerous positions or required them to think outside the box. But none of that compared to the highly anticipated silent episode that placed them in a monastery. No words. No music. No devices. Nothing.

It’s a unique spin on a TV show that made for an entertaining experience, but after watching them navigate this environment and its unconventional case, there are still questions.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Evil Season 2, “S Is for Silence”]

Mike Colter as David Acosta in 'Evil'
Mike Colter as David Acosta in ‘Evil’ | Elizabeth Fisher/CBS via Getty Images

Why did the demon box open?

At the core of this case was a demon box supposedly inhabited by a supernatural being with the power to end the world. According to lore, it was locked in there and housed at the monastery because the only way to contain it is to maintain silence. No words could be spoken or else.

Guess who violated that when she said, “Boo”? Kristen couldn’t resist taunting the skeleton statue in her sleeping quarters, and the echoed throughout the place. But viewers are still unsure if her actions caused it to pop open and unleash a wicked force or if those dang botflies are the culprit. Coincidence?

Who made the scratches on the box lids?

Ben does not easily scare, but something in the monastery’s catacombs had him shook. This was after he discovered the scratch marks on the inner part of the coffin’s lid. Who or what did that? This question becomes more significant when we learn that similar marks are on the inside of that demon box. Did those botflies really scratch up both containers, or was there something more sinister at work?

When did Father Thomas’ body start decaying?

The reason David, Kristen, and Ben visited the quiet place centered on Father Thomas’ miraculously preserved body. What gives? How could botflies keep a body from decaying? He seemingly began decomposing after the flies were expelled from people’s bodies. But no one indicated that they removed any botflies from his dead body.

So, did a demon temporarily inhabit Father Thomas to keep him intact? There really was not a resolution about that discovery or what prevented him from decay.


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Did the botflies really cause the stigmata?

Perhaps the biggest question lies with Fenna’s stigmata. She had markings on her hands, feet, and a long gash on her abdomen that seemed to correspond with the religious image. Purging the botflies from her body was painful and offered her some relief, but the insects could not be responsible for everything.

No one else at the monastery had stigmata like Fenna, and their botfly infections seemed to occur after the demon box flew open. Those who had flies burrowed under their skin did not have them in the same “holy” places that Fenna’s were located. So, what was the real cause of her marks?

Not even David pursued further explanation for this, and fans are left wondering if something else is happening at this monastery, and whether it’s connected to Leland’s greater scheme. Tune in to Evil Season 2 on Paramount+ each Sunday.