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Little People, Big World started with Matt and Amy Roloff as well as their four young children — but a ton has changed over the course of a decade. While Zach Roloff still plays a major role in the show, Matt and Amy’s other three kids decided to step away from the limelight. And Jacob Roloff made the biggest scene when he stopped filming.

Jacob has publicly condemned LPBW in the past, and he vowed via social media that he’d never return to reality TV. Since then, he’s also reportedly clashed with some of his close relatives. And it looks like he doesn’t see eye to eye with family members when it comes to politics, either, as he just tweeted he feels “embarrassed” by their beliefs.

Some of the Roloffs from ‘Little People, Big World’ shared conservative views

Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation NY - Talent Images
Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation NY – Talent Images | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery

Matt and Amy don’t bring politics into LPBW often. But they’ve shared conservative viewpoints in the past that clearly don’t align with Jacob’s liberal attitude.

Romper notes Matt once shared a pro-Donald Trump article to Facebook back in 2017. The article praised Trump for his response to ISIS. Many of Matt’s fans condemned the post, but Matt defended himself in the comments. “What about the undisputed facts? Iraq seems to be getting their country back,” he tossed back to angry fans.

As for other conservative family members, Jeremy’s wife, Audrey, has also shared some bold messages through the internet. Jeremy and Audrey have a covenant marriage and believe that God should be at the center of their lives. But Audrey has also expressed that she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman only, and any marriage advice she gives on her blog only applies to opposite-sex marriages.

Rumors suggest Jacob Roloff has had issues with a number of his family members

Not only has Jacob condemned the show he was on, but he’s also reportedly had feuds with both Matt and Audrey. Sources claimed Jacob and Matt stopped getting along after Matt’s divorce from Amy.

“I think when his parents divorced he put a lot of the blame on his dad,” the insider told Radar Online. “His mom was hurting for a long time, and he believes Matt was the sole cause of that — like his dad is the one that blew up the whole family.” Now, it seems Jacob and Matt have made up, as Matt has posted photos of him and his son to his Instagram.

However, it doesn’t look like Jacob, Jeremy, and Audrey have a great relationship, either. Jacob has talked against Christians in the past. And when Jacob got engaged to his now-wife, many thought Audrey took a stab at him with her Instagram post against dabbling “in sexual intimacy” prior to marriage. Other reports also claimed Jacob unfollowed Jeremy on social media.

Jacob just tweeted that he’s ’embarrassed’ by his conservative family

It looks like Jacob is back to calling out his family members he doesn’t agree with. With the current political climate and “Black Lives Matter” movement taking such precedence, Jacob has made it known where he stands. On June 1, he tweeted, “I, too, am embarrassed to be related to Trump voters.”

He didn’t say who he was referring to here. But he seemed to have the support of many of his followers.

“My parents are trumpers too,” one follower commented. “I was literally crying on the phone with my mom after I saw those protesters getting tear gased and shot with rubber bullets in DC.”

“My parents are both Trumpers and it’s devastating,” another wrote.

So far, it doesn’t look like Matt or Amy Roloff have released statements about what’s going on. But Jeremy and Audrey made it clear they stand in solidarity with the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which is encouraging to see.

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