EXCLUSIVE CLIP DEBUT: Upcoming Thriller ‘The Vault’ Starring Freddie Highmore, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey

Critics’ Choice Movie Award winner and Golden Globe-nominated actor Freddie Highmore of The Good Doctor and Bates Motel will star as a genius engineer who joins a crew of master thieves to steal a lost treasure hidden under the Bank of Spain in The Vault.

The globe-trotting heist thriller, directed by Jaume Balagueró, is set for release in select theatres and on VOD/digital platforms on Mar. 26, 2021.

Here’s a sneak peek – exclusively provided to Showbiz Cheat Sheet – of the upcoming action-packed indie flick, also starring Famke Janssen of X-Men and Astrid Bergès-Frisbey of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Freddie Highmore examining blueprints in a still from 'The Vault'
Freddie Highmore in ‘The Vault’ | Saban Films

Freddie Highmore stars as engineering grad Thom in ‘The Vault’

In The Vault, Highmore lends his characteristic combination of savant and underhanded savvy to the role of Thom, a young engineer who sets his sights on the safe under the Bank of Spain – namely, a legendary lost treasure that will be held in the safe for precisely 10 days.

But nabbing the treasure won’t be easy, even with the help of the art dealers, masterminds, and career criminals Thom enlists. The building is over a century old, has no blueprints to its name, and is threatened by the potential release of an underground river if the security system is tripped.

Still, the team cooks up a detailed plan to claim the treasure for themselves. But they’ll only have 105 minutes to carry it out, while the Bank of Spain’s employees are distracted by the final match of the 2010 Football World Cup playing on a giant screen just outside.

As thousands of cheering fans pack the streets, Highmore and his accomplices venture underground to try to claim their fate. As the walls close in and the clock winds down, the harrowing, breath-stealing final minutes of the heist promise either boundless riches or impending doom.

In Showbiz Cheat Sheet’s exclusive sneak peek of The Vault, Thom impresses his fellow thieves and masterminds with his unique brand of insider knowledge.

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Other stars include Famke Janssen, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Sam Riley, and Liam Cunningham

In addition to Highmore, The Vault features a star-studded cast of veteran actors like Janssen (GoldenEye, the X-Men series, the Taken trilogy, and How to Get Away with Murder) and Bergès-Frisbey (known for playing the mermaid Syrena in Pirates of the Caribbean and Sofi in I Origins).

BAFTA and Irish Film & Television Award winner Liam Cunningham, best-known for playing Davos Seaworth on Game of Thrones, stars in The Vault as Walter, an art dealer who joins Highmore in his devious plot. Other cast members include Sam Riley (Maleficent, On the Road, and Control), José Coronado, Luis Tosar, Emilio Gutieěrrez Caba, Axel Stein, and Daniel Holguiěn.

‘The Vault’ comes out Mar. 26

Saban Films’ The Vault will be released on demand, on digital platforms, and in select theatres on Mar. 26.

The fast-paced crime thriller’s filmmaker, Balagueró, is a Spanish horror director best-known for his popular and critically-acclaimed found-footage REC series. His 2011 psychological thriller, Sleep Tight, was also well-received – earning a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and six Gaudí Awards.