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‘Extreme Sisters’ Cast: Meet the Stars of the New TLC Show

TLC’s upcoming series Extreme Sisters, which premieres April 25, focuses on five pairs of sisters who have an unusually close relationship. The cast includes twins who share a boyfriend, a pair of identical twins married to another set of twins, and two sisters with a ‘psychic’ connection.

Think you’re close to your sibling? Chances are, you have nothing on the stars of Extreme Sisters. The new reality TV series from TLC follows five pairs of sisters who share an “obsessive” and “inseparable” bond. It premieres April 25. 

These ‘Extreme Sisters’ stars see themselves as one person 

Twins Anna and Lucy from Extreme Sisters on green background
Anna and Lucy from Extreme Sisters | TLC

Twins often have extremely close relationships, but the twins on Extreme Sisters take things to another level. Anna and Lucy, a pair of Australian siblings, are so close they think of each other as the same person, as they explain in a teaser for the new series. Not only do they eat the same food, go to the bathroom together, and shower together, they also share the same boyfriend. 

“Sharing a boyfriend for us means we get to be together all the time,” they explain. 

Now, they want to take the next step in the relationship with their boyfriend Ben by having children. Anna and Lucy hope to both get pregnant at the same time with Ben’s baby. 

The stars of ‘Our Twinsane Wedding’ return  

Another set of Extreme Sisters twins, Brittany and Briana have also dreamed about being pregnant at the same time. But rather than sharing a boyfriend, they’ve married another pair of identical twins in what’s known as a quaternary marriage. The couples even share the same house. 

Now, both Brittany and Briana are pregnant, with due dates that are just a few months apart.

“The four of us are meant to be together,” one of the sisters says.   

If Brittany and Briana’s story sounds familiar, it’s because this isn’t the first time they’ve been on TLC. The sisters and their husbands also starred in the 2019 special Our Twinsane Wedding. 

These sisters share everything — and one husband isn’t happy about it 

Brooke and Baylee from Extreme Sisters in front of brick wall
Brooke and Baylee from Extreme Sisters | TLC

Sisters Brooke and Baylee are known as “The Candaces.” That’s because they technically share the same first name — one is Candace-Brooke and the other is Candace-Baylee. (Brooke has kept the tradition going by naming her daughter Candace-Ace). 

Brooke and Baylee shared everything growing up, including the same bed. Things haven’t changed now that they’re adults. “We share razors, sometimes a toothbrush,” Baylee confesses. But Brooke’s husband isn’t happy with how close the sisters are, especially when Baylee crawls into bed with him and his wife. 

“Her welcome has been overstayed,” he tells Brooke. 

Christina and Jessica are ‘psychic sisters’ 

Christina and Jessica are ‘psychic sisters’ whose extreme closeness sometimes turns people off. The pair married, got pregnant, and went through divorces together. But the marriages didn’t last, in part because the two are so close they believe they are each other’s soul mate. Today, they live less than a quarter mile from each other and are raising their kids together as single mom. Whenever they do have to be physically apart, they feel physically ill 

This sister is her sibling’s right hand

Patrix and Patrica from Extreme Sisters sitting on a couch
Patrica and Patrix from Extreme Sisters | TLC

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Patrix is her sister Patrica’s right hand — literally. Patrica was born missing a third of her fingers on her right hand. Her sibling Patrix has always been there to help her, whether that means cutting her nails and applying makeup or defending her from bullies. While Patrix has her own apartment, she actually spends most of her time living at Patrica’s house. 

Extreme Sisters premieres Sunday, April 25 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.