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Ezra Miller remains in the news for all the wrong reasons. The actor who plays the Flash in the DC Extended Universe has several unsavory allegations against them (Miller identifies as non-binary and uses plural pronouns). Social media already proclaimed Miller over, and a new accusation of erratic behavior means Warner Bros. has a difficult decision to make about The Flash movie.

Ezra Miller attends Time 100 Next in 2019. Miller's behavior in recent years includes choking a woman at a bar, second degree assault charges in Hawaii, and a confrontation with a German woman in 2022.
Ezra Miller | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

German woman says Ezra Miller harassed her and refused to leave her apartment during 2022 encounter

A German woman’s relationship with Miller took a turn in February 2022.

The woman’s friendship with Miller, which included exchanging text messages and consensual sex in 2020, led her to invite the actor to her Berlin apartment in 2022, reports Variety. When she said Miller couldn’t smoke inside, she alleges they became angry.

“That just set them off,” the woman told Variety. “I asked them to leave about 20 times, maybe more. They started insulting me. I’m a ‘transphobic piece of s—.’ I’m a ‘Nazi.’ It became so, so stressful for me. They were going around my house, looking at everything, touching everything, spreading tobacco leaves on the floor. It felt disgusting and very intrusive.”

The woman called police and convinced Miller to leave, but she told Variety she felt the actor’s behavior could have led to them attacking her.

Unfortunately for Miller, this is not the first time they have been accused of acting erratically.

Miller’s behavior in recent years includes choking a woman, throwing a chair, and accusations of grooming

Revelations about Miller harassing a German woman early in 2022 add to a list of their questionable behavior.

  • A 2020 video appeared to show Miller choking a woman in an Iceland bar. Further investigation into that incident did not result in charges. 
  • Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii in 2022. The first time involved disorderly conduct and harassment at a karaoke bar on March 28. The second arrest happened on April 2, when Miller threw a chair, hitting a woman and cutting open her forehead at a private gathering. Police charged them with second-degree assault.
  • Accusations that they groomed Tokata Iron Eyes while she was a minor led to speculation Warner Bros. might recast Miller’s role in the upcoming The Flash movie.
  • Soon after the grooming accusations came to light, a family accused them of harassing their 12-year-old child while brandishing a gun.

Miller’s behavior has some fans calling for them to be removed from the DCEU, and they have ideas on how to do it, but it’s unlikely to happen.

Will Miller be replaced in ‘The Flash’ movie?

Miller has played Barry Adams/The Flash in several DCEU films, including Justice League and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Flash is the first movie featuring them as the lead. The list of arrests and allegations that keep coming out against Miller have tainted the actor, if not the movie. It doesn’t seem like Warner Bros. can get away with releasing the film without addressing Miller’s presence in some way. So, the question becomes, what does the studio do?

Some fans want Grant Gustin to replace Miller. Gustin plays Barry Allen/The Flash on TV, but that doesn’t eliminate Warner Bros.’s fundamental problem.


‘The Flash’ Actor Ezra Miller Accused of Stealing Music by Two Musicians and Posting it Without Permission

The movie is finished and on track to hit theaters in June 2023. Actors facing real-world legal problems have been replaced (Christopher Plummer replacing Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World, for instance), but not leading actors. As the star, Miller appears in nearly every scene of the movie. Removing them would mean costly reshoots (basically the entire movie) and a massive delay in releasing it. Sending The Flash to streaming without a theatrical release seems unlikely since Warners needs to recoup some of the money it poured into the project. 

At this point, Warner Bros. will probably have to stick with the June 23, 2023, release while addressing Miller’s behavior head-on. 

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