Fabolous and T.I. Blasted on Social Media for Revealing Record Labels Insisted They Hide Their Wives and Families

T.I. is a happily married man. Despite the ups and downs with his wife Tiny Harris, the rapper insists their marriage is worth it. While his friend and fellow rapper Fabolous hasn’t confirmed whether or not he’s jumped the broom with his longtime girlfriend Emily B., Fabolous says he hid his relationship for years to protect his image. Both say their record companies demanded such for them to portray themselves as bachelors.

Fabolous and T.I.
Fabolous and T.I. 2017 | Prince Williams/Wireimage

T.I. and Fabolous say record labels insisted they hide their wives and families to protect their image

While speaking with T.I. on his podcast expediTIously, Fabolous says it took him years to publicize his relationship with Emily B due to restrictions put on him by his record label. He says executives made him believe that if he spoke publicly of his relationship that it would hurt his brand.

“When I first came in, family life wasn’t at the forefront of your career or who you were as an artist,” he says. “You was even supposed to be projected as a single man for the public.”

T.I. agrees, explaining that his record company got upset when he spoke of his relationship with Tiny. T.I. and Tiny have been together since the early stages of T.I.’s career.

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“I remember when Atlantic didn’t really want people to know that like, I had a girl,” T.I. says.

Fabolous regrets abiding by the policy. He now believes it did more harm than good and even admits that he had no clue other rappers were in longterm relationships.

“I really didn’t know DMX was married or Ja Rule was married. You never knew that sh-t until this era. They been married for ten years or had they girl from high school but that wasn’t the thing then. But I also feel that was wrong. Those key figures, if we would have seen them having families, we would have known it was cool,” he says.

Fans roast T.I. and Fabolous over comments

Fans are well aware of how much Emily hurt due to Fabolous not acknowledging her publicly. During her first season of Love & Hip Hop New York, she spoke openly of wanting more from him. Fabolous refused to participate on the series overall. Despite Emily appearing on the show, he still didn’t confirm the two were an item. 

In recent years, Fabolous has been more open but fans believe it’s only as a result of the 2018 domestic violence incident between him and Emily. Fabolous was indicted on four felony charges after Emily says he punched her so hard that her two front teeth had to be extracted. He avoided jail time. They are expecting their third child together.

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“Facts Fabolous wasn’t claiming Emily until he knocked her teeth in,” one Twitter user alleges.

Though T.I. has always been open with his relationship, his past infidelity is always a subject of contention for fans. Some even accuse him of only marrying Tiny after he got into legal trouble.

Others blast both rappers for their philandering ways.

“Well when they disclosed they were in relationships, they still acted as though they were single,” wrote another on Twitter.

“Nobody cared about T.I or Fabolous being single or not. T.I didn’t even put a ring on Tiny til he was about to go to prison,” another says.

T.I. and Tiny recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.