‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’: Sam Is ‘Lowkey’ and ‘Dresses Like Someone’s Dad’ and Fans Are Here For It

On Disney+, Marvel finished its release of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes were not close in previous films, so fans were interested in seeing them work together. In the show, John Walker got introduced as another Captain America

Some fans were not impressed with the character, and others preferred Sam as the next Captain America. They grew attached to him for various reasons. On the internet, they discuss how they like Sam’s down-to-earth personality and fashion sense. 

Sam does not appear ‘arrogant’

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Some fans might have been surprised to see Steve Rogers pass the shield to Sam in Endgame. They were likely just as excited to see Sam become the new Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The character shows a sense of strength, which makes people believe he is perfect for the role. 

People became attached to Sam over the years, and the Disney+ series gave them more reasons to favor him. On Reddit, user epicpillowcase made a post about how likable the winged protagonist is in regard to his personality. For one, he does not act all “macho.” 

At the beginning of the show, Sam hesitates to take the mantle because he feels like the shield belongs to someone else. He joined the Avengers because of his admiration for Steve and willingness to help. Sam does not tend to boast about his abilities. 

“Agreed, also we were shown Sam’s quiet, non-cocky self-confidence there too. He respected Steve, but he didn’t kiss ass or try to impress him. Sam is in no way arrogant, but he’s comfortable in his own skin,” epicpillowcase wrote. 

Sam is lowkey and a regular man

Anthony Mackie
Anthony Mackie | Marilla Sicilia/Archivio Marilla Sicilia/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

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Because of Sam’s non-boisterous attitude, fans labeled the character “lowkey.” When viewers first see him in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, they can tell he is a normal person. Sam is out for a jog when he meets Steve, who passes by him on the track multiple times. 

“And when Steve comes up on him for the third time, Sam says, ‘Don’t say it…don’t you say it!’ and then, ‘Come on!’ after Steve passes him again, he’s not actually angry; he seems to enjoy the challenge. Then after their run, when Steve introduces himself and Sam replies, ‘I kind of put that together,’ it seems like a normal, ‘regular’ thing to say, and friendly,” a user commented. 

Fans noted how Sam spoke to Steve as a fellow veteran and not a hero. They later bond at a Veterans Association facility, and Sam helps Steve track Bucky down. It would seem the Falcon’s lowkey personality appealed to Captain America and audiences. 

Sam’s regular clothes makes him look like a dad

The post on Reddit also mentioned how Sam “dresses like someone’s dad.” His iconic superhero look includes his goggles and a suit equipped with wings. When Sam becomes the next Captain America, he changes the color scheme to match Steve’s suit but keeps the wings

The protagonist puts care to make his outfit unique while still paying respect to the original Captain America. However, his everyday clothing appears more casual. Likely due to being a regular guy, some people feel his style matches that of a dad. Others admit to wearing similar clothes. 

“I’m the OP and I’m older than you, don’t overthink it. I just meant he wasn’t flashy. He looks like any dude you see in the street,” epicpillowcase explained in reply to someone else. 

Sam’s fashion sense makes fans love him even more. As future content comes out, viewers possibly are going to see other reasons to relate to Sam.