‘Family Feud’: The First Question Ever Asked Is So Easy Anybody Could Have Won

We’ve never seen families have so much fun together as when they’re competing for $20,000 together on Family Feud. This game show has been a weekly invited guest in American living rooms since 1976, and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon. People love to watch the contestants guess popular answers to survey questions, especially when the contestant gives a dumb answer and gets it wrong.

The writers of Family Feud have had to get more and more creative when coming up with survey questions over the years, but you won’t believe how easy the first-ever Family Feud question was. It was so easy that literally anybody could have gotten it right!

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Family Feud | Byron Cohen/Getty Images

How does ‘Family Feud’ work?

The rules of Family Feud are really quite simple: teams of 5 family members each compete against one another for the cash prize of $20,000 or a car. The family members take turns guessing popular public answers to survey questions. For example, the question might be, “Something you do during the holidays,” and some popular public answers might be shopping, putting up a Christmas tree, and the like. If the answer the contestant guesses is one of the most popular answers given by the public, then their family scores points! However, if they’re wrong, then they’re met with the giant red X.

The popular game show has been around for quite some time and has gone through a number of changes in the host. Currently, it’s hosted by comedian Steve Harvey, who has become a popular host for openly mocking some of the contestants’ dumb answers. Originally when the show first aired in 1976, it was hosted by Richard Dawson, who drew attention by kissing the female contestants right on the mouth. Talk about a sexual harassment lawsuit! Along the way, Family Feud has been hosted by John O’Hurley, Richard Karn, and Louie Anderson.

Some past dumb ‘Family Feud’ answers

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Since the show has been running for so long, the creators have had to get more and more creative with their questions, which means that the game is a little harder than it used to be back in the day. Still, it isn’t Jeopardy, and the questions are meant to be easy enough for a 15-year-old to answer, which is the lower age limit to be on the show.

Even though you don’t need to be a genius to answer Family Feud questions, some past contestants have given hilariously dumb answers to questions. For example, for the question: “Name a word or phrase that begins with pork,” a contestant answered,”-cupine”! This got a genuine laugh from host Steve Harvey, who of course mercilessly made fun of the poor contestant. He later went on Late Night to laugh about the situation again, stating, “Pork-cupine is not a damn word!” The contestant definitely gets some points for creativity!

The first ‘Family Feud’ question ever asked was super easy

To be honest, maybe “-cupine” isn’t that dumb of an answer: that question was pretty hard! Like we said, the creators have had to come up with newer and more creative questions as the show has continued. But back when Richard Dawson hosted the show, it wasn’t as hard to come up with survey questions. The creators could ask any question they wanted and be confident that it had never been asked before because the show was brand new!

The first-ever question on Family Feud was: “Name a famous George,” according to Southern Living. Can you guess the most popular answer? That’s right, George Washington. Duh. Especially considering that George Clooney and George Lopez weren’t famous yet back then, this seems too obvious. Family Feud is a lot more challenging for contestants now, but still fun!