‘Family Ties’: What Is Michael Gross’s Net Worth?

There are some of the best TV show dads worth mentioning as iconic, but not many can compare to Steven Keaton on Family Ties.

The liberal, hippy-at-heart husband and father was played by Michael Gross and loved by everyone. There’s just something about the way Gross portrayed his character on screen that made him stand out as genuine and relatable.

After decades of fame from his iconic role and other ventures in the industry, let’s explore what his net worth has reached today.

Michael Gross is a Chicago native with a UIC degree

Michael Gross
Michael Gross | Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

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The Family Ties star didn’t just become the talented actor he is today without a love for the art and a degree to fine-tune his abilities. He not only earned a Drama degree close to home in Chicago at the University of Illinois-Chicago but moved up to Yale University School of Drama in the years to follow to get his MFA. 

However, he wasn’t always the star-studded student it would take to be to receive a Yale University MFA. Reports from IMDb claim that he was actually “involved with a gang for a couple of years during high school before becoming a better student” and eventually moving to New York to work in Theater, where he would receive his breakout role as the Keaton dad.

Now the television star is a well-known name among many fans, making films while juggling his life as a family man in real-life alongside casting director Elza Bergeron, his children Theodore and Katharine, and grandchildren Nicholas and Allison. 

He became a household name as Steven Keaton on ‘Family Ties’

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Gross is widely known for his ventures on the big screen, namely with the tremor series as Burt Gummer and Hiram Gummer. However, nothing has jump-started his acting career as fast or with as much impact as playing Steven Keaton on Family Ties.

Before Family Ties, he started to make a name for himself in TV movies like Dream House, Summer Fantasy, and The Neighborhood. His debut, however, was in A Girl Named Sooner. Since his experience with the film Family Ties Vacation and its popular TV show series, Gross has had the pick of the litter in terms of acting roles, including Batman Beyond, Promise Land, and more than 100 others.

In a similar role but a career change nonetheless, the Tremor star has also narrated more than a dozen audiobooks, including Paul Garrison’s Fire and Ice and Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Shadow.

Michael Gross’s net worth

After appearing in 171 episodes of Family Ties, taking on more than 100 other acting projects, and dabbling in audiobooks as a narrator, Gross has earned a comfortable net worth of nearly $6 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth

This number is more than many of us can imagine but doesn’t include his wife’s steady income from being a long-time casting director, so it’s likely a little higher. Considering her net worth isn’t as readily available due to being lesser-known, there’s no saying what the estimate might be, but its national average is listed by ERI as at least $65,681 more a year. 

With that being said, Michael Gross is far from done with the film industry. He has aired in four projects in 2019, two in 2020, and likely to appear in more in 2021 and after. This means his net worth is still increasing by the years and unlikely to stop at just $6 million.