Fan Slam Former ‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Over Her Coronavirus Instagram Post

With the number of coronavirus cases growing by the day, people around the U.S. are taking steps to protect themselves. Stores are sold out of hand sanitizer, face masks are impossible to find, and disinfecting wipes are flying off the shelves.

Just like the rest of us, many celebrities are worried about getting sick. Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow donned masks while traveling (though doctors say there’s no reason to wear a mask if you’re not already ill), while K-pop superstars BTS canceled performances in Korea, which has been hit particularly hard by the virus. Now, former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is showcasing her coronavirus preparations.  

Farrah Abraham stocks up at Target 

Over the weekend, Abraham and her daughter Sophia went on a Target run. The reality TV star shared what was intended to be a humorous video of the two loading up on supplies like Lysol spray, plastic gloves, Advil, and disinfecting wipes. 

In the video, Abraham shows the mostly empty shelves at the store and pretends to have a panicked reaction. “Oh my God, they’re all gone,” she says. “I only got, like, 20 bottles of Lysol. I should have got a whole cart,” she adds later.

Abraham also stocked up on food, “just in case we can’t eat and we’re stuck in our houses,” she says sarcastically. 

Abraham’s 11-year-old daughter also mentioned the coronavirus in one of her recent social media posts

Farrah’s followers didn’t think her video was very funny

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham| Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Abraham appeared to be making light of the way some people have been responding to the COVID-19 situation. But many of her Instagram followers weren’t amused. 

Though Abraham limited comments on the post, it still attracted a number of negative reactions. One person thought the video was in “poor taste” because “people are dying.” (As of March 9, coronavirus had caused at least 24 deaths in the U.S. and thousands around the world.) 

“Only Farrah would try to exploit this virus !!!! Any thing for a buck and to stay relevant!!!,” complained another who said the 28-year-old was trying to capitalize on a crisis for her own gain. 

Someone else slammed Abraham for seeming to encourage unnecessary hoarding. “So hoard the last of the bottles so nobody else can have one!” they wrote.  

She has supported President Trump’s response to the virus 

This post from Abraham wasn’t the first time the Celebrity Big Brother star has spoken out about the coronavirus. 

In late February, President Donald Trump tweeted that Democrats were unfairly blaming him for the spread of COVID-19, which originated in China. Abraham, a Trump supporter, responded with a tweet of her own, writing, “Thanks Trump for saving our lives unlike the Democrats who want to be killed I guess by China — all Democrats go live in China and die.”

The response to that tweet was overwhelmingly negative. Abraham has since protected her tweets. 

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