Fans Are Begging Netflix to Renew ‘Anne With an E’

It’s not exactly news that Netflix has decided not to move forward with another season of Anne With an E. The streaming service and Canadian network CBC announced in November 2019 that season 3 would be the last for the series inspired by L.M. Montgomery’s novel Anne of Green Gables. But loyal fans are still holding out hope the show might be revived — and they’re pleading their case online. 

‘Anne With an E’ was canceled after three seasons

Anne Shirley
Amybeth McNulty as Anne Shirley | Photo Credit: Chris Reardon

An updated take on Montgomery’s enduringly popular 1908 novel, Anne With an E premiered in 2017, first in Canada on CBC and later on Netflix. The show introduced a new generation of fans to the character Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty), a spunky, red-haired orphan sent to live with siblings Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert at Green Gables farm on Prince Edward Island. 

The show deviated from the novel and other adaptation by introducing characters of color and other more modern themes, and not everyone loved the twist on the classic story. But others loved the fresh take, and Anne With an E gained a significant and loyal following. So when it was canceled after three seasons, fans were understandably upset. 

Fans are trying to bring the show back 

Thought Anne With an E has been canceled, the show’s fans aren’t ready to give up on the series. A petition, “Renew Anne With an E’ for Season 4,’ has more than 265,000 signatures since it was created several months ago. And viewers are continuing to tweet their support for the period drama with the hashtag #renewannewithane.

Many fans seem to be rewatching the show during the coronavirus lockdown, while others are discovering it for the first time.

“Two weeks ago, I knew nothing about Anne with an E but by accident saw few comments on YouTube and Twitter talk about it, so I started watch it,” one new fan tweeted. “Now I am here can’t even stop talking about it.”

“I watched Anne with an E because I had a lot of time during quarantine and I didn’t expect this series to become so important to me. I need more,” read another tweet.

Fans want more of Anne and Gilbert’s story

Season 3 of Anne With an E ended on a high note, with Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann) and Anne finally confessing their feelings for each other just before she heads off to Queen’s College. But for some viewers, the long-awaited kiss was nothing more than a tease, since it’s a reminder that they won’t get to see the rest of the couple’s story. 

“Soooo you’re telling me that I won’t be able to see Anne and Gilbert getting married in a meadow and have a house in the woods near a river and they have kids and they run in the meadow and play?” one asked.

“I did not wait 3 seasons for Gilbert to look at the ring that is supposed to be for Anne and not even see it on her ring finger,” tweeted another.

In the meantime, fans can continue to voice their support for the show online. They can also petition Netflix directly to bring back the show via its title request form.