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We’ve been keeping up with the Duggars for years, and we have Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to thank for bringing their 19 children into the spotlight. Now that we’ve seen their kids grow up on-screen, it’s their adult children’s turns to take over. And Jessa Duggar is one of the most popular Duggar kids.

Jessa is married to her husband, Ben Seewald, and together, they have three beautiful children. Just like the rest of her family, Jessa isn’t immune to criticism for her parenting tactics. But she continues to share everything that goes on in her household with her kids. Now that the Seewalds are practicing social distancing due to coronavirus (COVID-19), Jessa is showing off the fun project she’s allowing her kids to participate in. And it seems fans are loving it.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have three young children

Jim Bob and Michelle are famous for having many children, and they’ve expressed in the past that they don’t believe in birth control. Because of this, many suspected that the adult Duggar kids would also follow this belief. So far, it seems many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids who are married do desire children — but there’s evidence to suggest that they may be using some form of birth control, too.

As for Jessa, fans adore how smart and adorable her kids are. Her oldest, Spurgeon, is 4, and it’s clear through her Instagram and YouTube videos that he loves to talk and share his thoughts and feelings. Henry, the middle child, is 3. Jessa has given some updates on Henry’s speech more recently, as she expressed during an episode of Counting On that he seemed to be delayed. As for Ivy, the youngest and the only daughter, she’s just 10 months old — and many think she looks just like Jessa’s mini-me, as she has the same large, blue eyes as her mother.

Jessa is encouraging her kids to create jewelry out of popcorn

Jessa frequently shares how she’s choosing to parent her kids. We know she’s already incorporating religion into their lives, as she’s explained on Instagram that she sings along to hymns with her kids and shares daily devotions with them. And now, it seems she has some ideas on how to stimulate her kids’ brains while they’re practicing social distancing due to coronavirus.

On March 28, Jessa shared a video of her singing along with Henry and Spurgeon. Ivy is there, too, and she looks as if she’s trying to sing along as well. And the following video shows Jessa’s kids taking pieces of popcorn and stringing them together. While the boys are on the couch adamantly working on their projects, Ivy is attempting to grab at the popcorn jewelry — though Henry does a decent job of keeping the little one away.

Finally, one of the last videos shows Henry smiling while wearing a “popcorn beard.” And Spurgeon is wearing a popcorn necklace he made himself.

Her followers are loving this creative idea

Jessa’s gotten plenty of flack from her followers in the past. But they’re loving how she’s able to keep her kids occupied with a fun and creative project. And, considering stringing popcorn together doesn’t have any religious undertones, it’s the perfect activity for all families to try.

“Popcorn beard. So adorable and neat way to keep little hands busy,” one follower noted.

“Your videos make me happy. You’re a great mama, Jessa,” another wrote.

“Your children are beautiful. What a great idea making popcorn jewelry,” yet another wrote.

We’re glad to see all of the Seewalds happy, healthy, and having fun during a difficult time. Considering how much Jessa helped her siblings when they were growing up, though, we’re sure she has more than a few tricks up her sleeve for keeping children occupied!

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