Fans Forgot ‘Bridgerton’ Star Adjoa Andoh Was Also in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Season 2

Some of the actors in Bridgerton have made themselves known thanks to the Netflix series. But fans might not have realized certain actors have already had fruitful careers. Adjoa Andoh plays the highly loved character Lady Danbury. The ton’s strong-willed and expert advice-giver. But after taking on the Bridgerton role in 2020, Adjoa Andoh also played a key character in The Witcher Season 2.

Adjoa Andoh in 'Bridgerton' in relation to her role in 'The Witcher' Season 2
Adjoa Andoh in ‘Bridgerton’ as Lady Danbury | via Netflix

The actor joined ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 as Geralt’s old friend, Nenneke

In The Witcher Season 2, Geralt takes hold of his supposed destiny and becomes Ciri’s official guardian. After she starts her training to fight and think like a witcher at Kaer Morhen, they travel to the Temple of Melitele. Here, Ciri meets one of Geralt’s oldest friends, Nenneke. She is a high priestess who is in charge of training young witchers.

From the start, Andoh gave Nenneke the level of authority yet strong-willed, kind-heartedness the character needed. According to Digital Spy, Andoh explained, “So there’s quite a range. She’s a high priestess of the temple in the middle of all this war and torment, because, in a sense, this is a neutral place. When you come here, you’re in neutral territory. It is a refuge.”

But the actor explains she did not care about the opinions of the original character being white. “At this stage in my life, life is too short for me to get wrapped up in worrying about if people are going to like something… [It matters] if my performance is rooted and authentic and honoring the character that I’m playing and honoring the spirit of what’s been written for me,” said Andoh.

Adjoa Andoh explains the differences and similarities between ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 and ‘Bridgerton’ character

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Andoh first starred as Lady Danbury in the first season of Bridgerton in 2020. She later joined the cast of The Witcher Season 2 as Nenneke in 2021. Having already embodied the role of Agatha Danbury, Andoh saw a similarity between the character and Nenneke.

“She’s also a bit twinkly. She’s a bit sweary, and she’s a bit funny,” said the actor. But she explains there is a joy in going from a Regency-era series to a sci-fi fantasy series like The Witcher.

“The glorious thing was: I don’t have to sit in hair and makeup for three hours before we start doing anything for The Witcher. I don’t have to wear a corset. I did Doctor Who for two series. I’ve done computer games. I actually sponsor a science fiction award for writers of color. This is a world I really enjoy. It didn’t feel at all unfamiliar,” said Andoh.

In an interview with Netflix’s Tudum, the actor also explains how Lady Danbury and Nenneke can form a bond with brute male characters. “There’s something about the ability of a woman [like Lady Danbury or Nenneke] who is not afraid of telling it like it is — speaking truth to people who other people might feel less inclined to speak truth to if the truth is a difficult one.”

While Andoh only appeared in two episodes of The Witcher Season 2, fans want to see her in further seasons.

Adjoa Andoh is unsure if she will return after ‘The Witcher’ Season 2

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As the Netflix series is based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series and characters, there is a set storyline structure to follow. Andoh’s Nenneke is a recurring character in the books, and Andoh is unclear if she will return.

“Nenneke is in the books a lot. But it depends what they want to do with, you know, this version of it. It’s totally about what the creators of the show want to do with the material from the books and how they want to swing that, and so we’ll wait and see,” said the actor to the RadioTimes.

The Witcher Season 3 is currently in production. With the main casts’ return, fans can be hopeful to see Andoh reprise her role.

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