Fans Gush Over Girl Who Greeted Prince William and Kate Middleton in Bahamas, Says Her Classmates ‘Can’t Bully Her Anymore’

As Prince William and Kate Middleton touched down in the Bahamas for the last leg of their Caribbean tour, they were greeted by a young Bahamian girl named Aniah Moss, who presented the Duchess of Cambridge with flowers. Overnight, Moss has become an internet sensation and has a message for classmates who bullied her.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are greeted in the Bahamas at at Lynden Pindling International Airport by Aniah Moss, who gave the duchess flowers
Prince William and Kate Middleton are greeted at Lynden Pindling International Airport by Bahamian girl, Aniah Moss, who gave the duchess flowers | Karwai Tang/WireImage

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were greeted in the Bahamas by Aniah Moss

Moss stood at the Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, Bahamas, holding flowers and smiling as she handed the bouquet to the duchess when the couple exited their plane.

Express noted that during this visit that William and Kate “are scheduled to attend an assembly at a primary school, compete in a sailing regatta, and participate in a cultural event featuring typical Bahamian food and music.”

But now all anyone wants to talk about is the 8-year-old who wore a beautiful pink dress, pearl necklace, and white gloves as she welcomed the royal couple to the island.

Internet gushes over Moss

Aniah Moss gives Kate Middleton bouquet of flowers upon arrival in Nassau, Bahamas
Aniah Moss gives Kate Middleton a bouquet of flowers upon arrival in Nassau, Bahamas | Karwai Tang/WireImage

After pictures were shared of Moss at the airport with the Cambridges, the internet lit up with countless fans gushing and complimenting Moss on her outfit, smile, and poise at such a young age.

“Bless this little darling, she is so beautiful and cute,” one royal watcher tweeted.

Another said: “Aniah you look absolutely gorgeous! Especially your smile! Your new dress looks beautiful. I hope you remember your special day forever!”

A third wrote: “This will be a moment she will remember forever. What a wonderful experience for her. PW & Catherine looked so delighted … It wld [sic] have been touching for Kate [because] she works extensively with children!” While a fourth person added: “Aniah is lovely, such an elegant young lady! What a charming credit to The Bahamas.”

A fifth fan posted: “What a beautiful child! She looks like a princess!”

Another tweeted: “Ohh what sweet little lady with her beautiful smile & dress, pretty updo, gloves, tights & pearls. What a lovely welcome & start to the Bahamas leg of the Royal Tour! Thank you Miss Aniah!”

Finally, a commenter summed it up writing: “This gorgeous little girl AniahMoss presented HRH Duchess of Cambridge with a beautiful bouquet on her arrival to the Bahamas and had quite a long conversation with Catherine and Prince William! She IS the welcoming committee–well done!”

Moss says students at her school ‘can’t bully her anymore’

After her daughter met William and Kate, Moss’ mother was beaming with pride. “I was so very proud of her,” she stated, adding, “She’s very docile so it was an honor to see her do it.”

Moss was asked by the ZNS Network what she will tell her friends at school now. She responded that she is going to tell her classmates: “You guys can’t bully me anymore. You guys can’t tell me what to do.”

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