Fans Love That Ellen DeGeneres Once Threw Pizza Dough at Giada De Laurentiis’ Face

Those who follow Ellen DeGeneres know the comedian’s in hot water after some of her staff from The Ellen DeGeneres Show complained about producer mistreatment. Now, old interviews on the talk show are coming to light, too. And fans have plenty of opinions on Giada De Laurentiis’ cooking segments.

De Laurentiis appeared on the show alongside DeGeneres and Nicole Kidman to teach some cooking — but the segment proved chaotic. Then, De Laurentiis came back on the show just with DeGeneres. And DeGeneres threw pizza dough in the cook’s face, which fans seemed to love. Here’s what everyone’s talking about.

Ellen DeGeneres had Giada De Laurentiis on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ alongside Nicole Kidman

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De Laurentiis attempted to teach Kidman and DeGeneres some of her favorite recipes while visiting The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But it’s clear there were too many cooks in the kitchen. Kidman and De Laurentiis didn’t seem to get along.

In the first few minutes of the segment, De Laurentiis tries to get DeGeneres and Kidman to roll risotto balls in their hands. While DeGeneres can’t get it quite right, Kidman nails it. To that, De Laurentiis notes, “The woman who can’t cook made the perfect ball!” which some fans found demeaning.

The second recipe proves just as disastrous. Kidman explains how anxious cooking makes her, and De Laurentiis tells Kidman she just needs to try making fewer dishes at a time. Kidman doesn’t appear to like this advice.

Finally, Kidman tries De Laurentiis’ focaccia dish and notes it’s “a little tough.” De Laurentiis tries to save face by stating the dish has been sitting out, but Kidman reiterates that the bread is tough to eat.

De Laurentiis came back, and DeGeneres threw pizza dough at her face

The segment with Kidman didn’t go as smoothly as De Laurentiis would’ve liked. But she came back on the show just to each DeGeneres how to cook a few dishes. And, of course, the disastrous moments with Kidman were referenced.

“Last time you were here, we had a few hiccups,” DeGeneres told De Laurentiis. “It was Nicole Kidman’s fault.”

“She’s not here, right?” De Laurentiis asked. And the cook then complained about “reliving” the moment when DeGeneres replayed bits of the segment on the show.

After that, De Laurentiis and DeGeneres get to cooking. And one of the recipes involved pizza dough.

“So, now this is to redeem myself from Nicole Kidman,” De Laurentiis explains to DeGeneres. She then had pizza dough at the ready — and DeGeneres started throwing it in the air to stretch it out. This then prompted De Laurentiis to show DeGeneres how pizza dough should really be spun and thrown. And, of course, this led to a comedic moment with the dough.

DeGeneres and De Laurentiis then started throwing pizza dough back and forth to each other. But DeGeneres seemed to purposely aim for De Laurentiis’ face on the second toss.

“I didn’t say throw it to my face!” De Laurentiis exclaimed, “I said just throw it!”

Fans think DeGeneres was getting payback at De Laurentiis

Ellen DeGeneres speaks on stage during 'A Conversation With Ellen DeGeneres' at Rogers Arena
Ellen DeGeneres speaks on stage during ‘A Conversation With Ellen DeGeneres’ at Rogers Arena | Andrew Chin/Getty Images

DeGeneres notes how “delicious” the mini pizzas were. And De Laurentiis even notes that she wishes “Nicole was here” to try the recipe. But fans can’t get over the pizza toss moment, as they think DeGeneres took aim at De Laurentiis to get back at her for the disastrous prior segment.

“Who else thought Ellen did that on purpose?” one fan commented on the video.

“That’s a revenge from Ellen, lol throwing dough on your face,” another wrote.

“Ellen saw her chance to throw something at Giada and she went right for the face,” another added.

Whether fans are laughing or cringing, DeGeneres and De Laurentiis know how to make an eye-catching segment. We’ll have to see if the cook will be back.

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