Fans Love These Throwback Photos of ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo and Ex-Husband Larry Caputo

There are plenty of reality TV couples we all know and love — and the Caputos managed to stand out amongst all of them. We know Theresa Caputo for her work on Long Island Medium (and, of course, for her big hair, perfect nails, and even bigger personality). Not only does Theresa communicate with spirits of deceased folks, but she’s also incredibly close with her family — and no fan of the show ever imagined a time when Larry and Theresa would no longer be together.

Sadly, Theresa and Larry announced their separation at the end of 2017, and Larry’s since moved on with another woman. But that doesn’t mean we can’t long for the past. Here are a few iconic throwback photos of the ex-couple that we love.

Theresa met Larry when she worked at his family’s company

In the show and in her book, There’s More to Life Than This, Theresa mentions how she first came to know Larry, especially since he’s 11 years older than her. County Living reminds us they both worked for Larry’s family’s oil company, and Theresa was a customer service representative at the time. Funnily enough, Theresa says in her book that a psychic told her she’d fall in love with a man who had “a beard and a mustache” — and though Theresa didn’t believe it at first, it soon became apparent that Larry had both of those physical qualities.

When the two met, they started to get friendly — but even Larry didn’t expect things to go as far as they did. In an episode of the show, Country Living reminds us Larry said, “When I first met Theresa, I thought she was great, she was beautiful, she was fun. But, never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be marrying that girl.” Clearly he was wrong, as their marriage lasted 28 years before the split.

Larry and Theresa married 2 years after dating and have 2 children together

It didn’t take long before Theresa knew Larry was the one, and they tied the knot just a few years after first dating. Together, they had two children as well, and we’ve watched Larry Jr. and Victoria grow up on Long Island Medium over the years. Many fans have wondered why the Caputo kids aren’t on the show as much anymore, but Theresa has explained that they’re just getting older and hoping to pursue their own dreams. Good Housekeeping notes she said on an episode, “When we started Long Island Medium, little Larry just graduated college, Victoria just graduated high school. You know, they’re growing up. Larry lives in the city now. Victoria now too.” And it seems the Caputo kids are also working through the divorce away from the cameras as well.

Before their kids aged, though, Larry and Theresa were living in newlywed bliss, as pictured here. There is one thing Larry had to get used to, though — and that was Theresa communicating with the dead. As he told People, “Sometimes we’d go out with another couple to dinner and we would be in the car and all of a sudden Theresa would have one of her panic attacks and scare the hell out of the people in the backseat.”

They’re still in contact despite the divorce

There’s no doubt the divorce was hard on the entire Caputo family, but Larry and Theresa are doing their best despite the sad end to their marriage. Country Living reminds us Larry said on an episode of Long Island Medium, “We’ve been there for each other through thick and thin. You know, good times, and right now are not so great times. I don’t understand it. I mean, I lay in my bed and I say to myself, ‘how did this happen? How did I get here?'” But Theresa reassured him that they’ve both changed — and now they’re growing apart instead of together.

Now, Good Housekeeping notes Theresa is learning to be self-sufficient these days, though she’s noted that she and Larry are still on good terms. “At the end of the day, we’re still a family. Just because we’re separated, doesn’t mean we still don’t care about each other. We still have a family. We still have a friendship, which is very, very, important,” she’s said. And Larry seems to be doing well too post-divorce. He was seemingly dating someone new, as he was spotted with a woman in Alabama not long ago.

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