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The Kardashians premiered on Hulu on Apr. 14, and many fans are already comparing it favorably to the old series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Here’s what fans think is different about the new show and how it reflects what the famous family has said about filming. 

Kim Kardashian poses making a kissing face and throwing up two peace signs in front of a wall that says "Hulu The Kardashians."
Kim Kardashian | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

How ‘The Kardashians’ on Hulu is different from ‘KUWTK’

Before The Kardashians aired, a source opened up to Us Weekly in October 2021 about how the new series would differ from KUWTK.

“The new show is going to have the entire family be part of it, but Kim, Khloé [Kardashian], Kourtney [Kardashian] and Kris [Jenner] are going to be on it the most,” the source claimed. 

The insider added that The Kardashians will have a “strong focus on Kim’s journey as a lawyer,” which will make the Hulu show “somewhat political.”

They also said that the reality stars have “more control” of filming and that the new show will “air sooner than months out.” The source claimed the show has “an entirely different concept” and is “more chic” than the original.

Fans say ‘The Kardashians’ is ‘juicier’ and ‘more real’  than ‘KUWTK’

Many fans are loving The Kardashians and saying that the Hulu show is much more “real and raw” than Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“@kardashianshulu is so much more personal than Keeping Up imo,” one fan tweeted. “Like James Corden giving Khloe a pep talk, Mario crying while saying how proud he is of Kim, Kris talking with Kourtney about trouble conceiving, it’s all so real and raw. I’ve almost cried like 5 times. 🤣😭”

Another fan tweeted, “The kardashians is definitely better than keeping up, we get to see the kids more, and each family member has more screen time and it seems more real and not as scripted as keeping up.”

One fan pointed out that seeing inside the family’s houses made the show feel more “intimate.” “Love seeing inside everyone’s homes!” they tweeted. “This feels so much more real and intimate than keeping up did.”

And another fan wrote that the reality stars were showing their true selves. “The kardashians are literally showing their real selfs [sic] way more in the show the kardashians than kuwtk😍😍😍😭!!” they tweeted. “This is getting so good and too real, y’all are not holding back and telling all of the s*** now!! I am living for it😍😍😭!”


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Kim Kardashian said fans can expect the Hulu series to be ‘a little bit more intimate’

The fan comments on social media prove that The Kardashians reflects what one member of the famous family said about the new show. 

In March, Kim Kardashian told Variety that she wanted the series to be “updated” and “more intimate.” “My goal was that it was familiar and felt like home, like, ‘Oh, my God, they’re back,’” she explained. “But updated or just a little bit more intimate.”

Kardashian also said that the streaming structure allowed them to air the show closer to the real-life events, so there isn’t as much of a time lapse between fans seeing things on social media or the news and on the show. 

“We wanted it to be as current as possible,” the SKIMS founder said. “We hated how long we had to wait. That was like the death of us, because once we got over something, we had to rehash it all over again.”