Fans Still Can’t Get Over How Leonardo DiCaprio Looks Like Jack Nicholson

Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous movie star. So is Jack Nicholson. Chances are you’re already quite familiar with both, but in case you’re not, here’s a breakdown.

Both have had super long and successful careers in the film industry. Nicholson got his start in the 1960s and had his first real breakthrough with Easy Rider in 1969. He has been working steadily ever since and is a fixture in Hollywood and one of its richest actors, to boot.

DiCaprio first hit the scene in the early ’90s, earning an Academy Award nomination for one of his first-ever roles in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? with Johnny Depp in 1993. When Titanic was released in 1997, DiCaprio’s existing success converted to ultimate ’90s dreamboat status and he’s been on top of the world ever since.

The two have actually appeared in a movie together, Martin Scorsese’s film The Departed in 2006. It was a crime saga which also featured Matt Damon and is considered a classic within Scorsese’s body of work.

(L-R) Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, and Leonardo DiCaprio smiling in front of a white background
(L-R) Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, and Leonardo DiCaprio | Chance Yeh/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Some fans say that Nicholson and DiCaprio look exactly alike

There are some who disagree vehemently and say the two actually look nothing alike, but there are a large number of Leonardo DiCaprio fans who think he looks more than a little like Jack Nicholson … and vice versa! In fact, they look so much alike to some that some have even joked that Nicholson might very well be DiCaprio’s actual dad, considering Nicholson had a reputation for being a lady’s man in his day. To tell the truth, given that DiCaprio is a lady’s man, too, it’s not surprising fans kid the two could be related.

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The comparison holds up to younger pictures, too

Some point to older movies Nicholson was in and say he looks like DiCaprio. For instance, some suggest that Nicholson bears a striking resemblance to DiCaprio of today in his role as the dentist in the 1960 Roger Corman version of Little Shop of Horrors.

If you look at pictures of a young Nicholson, he certainly has the same kind of smile and eyes. They also have a similar demeanor to them, so it sort of makes sense why fans might say this. At the same time, DiCaprio’s look has evolved so much, as evidenced by Harper’s Bazaar, that just about anyone could have looked like him at some point.

Did we mention that Nicholson’s son looks exactly like DiCaprio?

The resemblance between Nicholson’s son Ray and Leonardo DiCaprio is so uncanny that we are guessing Ray gets asked for autographs by DiCaprio’s fan. In 2017, Time even ran a picture of Ray and Leo side-by-side dressed in virtually the same outfit. In it, Ray looks almost exactly how DiCaprio did around the What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? era.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been compared to numerous people by various media outlets. For instance, he was once compared by Time to an archer at the Rio Olympics, a bartender from Sweden, and a handsome Russian working as a brand ambassador for a vodka brand. 

Still, DiCaprio could easily pass as a big brother to Nicholson’s son!

(L-R) Jack Nicholson and Ray Nicholson smiling at a dinner table
(L-R) Jack Nicholson and Ray Nicholson | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

DiCaprio may even be aware of the resemblance

Surely someone has made the comparison before, or perhaps DiCaprio even wants to purposely emulate the legend. In either case, he does a pretty spot-on impression of Nicholson. 

Whether the resemblance will continue on or not as the two age remains to be seen. Or maybe this is a time loop thing and each generation gets their own version of Nicholson? It could happen, right … at least, it’s no less crazy than that dad theory!