Fans Will Never Forget The Most Awkward Moment of Jessa Duggar’s Wedding

We’ve been following the Duggars since 19 Kids and Counting was first airing on TLC. While it all began with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and the story of how they came to have 19 children, the Duggar kids are all growing up fast — and many of our favorites have even married off and started families of their own. Jessa Duggar has been a fan favorite for years, and we remember when she married Ben Seewald back in 2014.

Jessa looked beautiful at the massive event, and she remains happily wed today — but we can’t forget the seriously awkward moment that occurred the day she tied the knot. Surprisingly, it didn’t even have to do with anything she or Ben did. But it had everything to do with the actions of Jim Bob and Michelle. Here’s what happened.

Jessa and Ben’s runaway kiss struck audiences as strange

Jessa and Ben had 1,000 guests at their wedding, and there’s no doubt everyone was looking forward to the couple’s first kiss. As all Duggar fans know, the family has seriously strict rules regarding what can and can’t go on in a courtship. Jessa and Ben could only start holding hands once they were engaged, but they certainly weren’t allowed to have full-frontal hugs or kiss. All of that closeness was to be saved for their wedding day.

As we can tell from the 19 Kids and Counting clip, Jessa and Ben definitely look nervous about sharing their first kiss together. And when the time came, the two can be seen dashing away from the altar to go have their first kiss in person. While Jessa called her first kiss “nice, slow, and romantic,” it certainly was strange for viewers to see them running away from the church holding 1,000 just to have a moment to themselves — but that was far from the most uncomfortable wedding moment.

Jim Bob and Michelle kissing stands as the most awkward moment

Once Jessa and Ben had their first kiss, they clearly couldn’t keep their hands off each other — and judging from the clip provided by TLC, photographers at their wedding loved how adorable and intimate the two looked. They asked them to kiss a few times for the camera so they could have the special moment recorded on film, too. “Everybody at the reception will get to see us kissing, and photos, and all that,” Jessa said.

While Jessa and Ben were smooching for the cameras, Jim Bob and Michelle stood close by and watched. “Looks like they figured out how to do it,” Jim Bob joked — but he didn’t stop there. He then went in for a kiss with Michelle after stating that “they made need a lesson. Here’s how you do it,” which made audiences cringe. Even worse, a voice came over a loudspeaker requesting that Jessa and Ben “kiss one more time” for fans — but Jim Bob and Michelle thought the voice was talking to them. As Jessa and Ben went in for the kiss, so did Jim Bob and Michelle, and the Duggar parents totally stole their daughter’s thunder.

Jim Bob and Michelle just wanted to show their excitement over Jessa getting married

Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t mean to steal Jessa and Ben’s thunder, of course. If anything, the Duggar parents just want the best for their little girl, and they wanted to share in the excitement of her big day. E! News reminds us in a clip of her rehearsal dinner, Jim Bob and Michelle discuss her upcoming nuptials. As Michelle said to her husband, “And I think it really hit me, Daddy, was when I was at the house and she was packing all of her things up in the room and I’m like, ‘Jessa! You’re getting married! You’re moving out of the girls’ room.”

Jim Bob also added that he thought Ben was a “great guy” because “he’s got a heart for the lord.” Not only that, but marriage for Jessa meant more grandkids for the Duggars — and Jim Bob and Michelle couldn’t have been more excited for that, too. Currently, Jessa is pregnant with her third baby, and we’re all expecting many more to come in the future.

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