‘Fargo’: FX Just Shared an Update About When We Can Expect Season 4

Fans have been waiting three years for new episodes of FX’s quirky crime drama Fargo. Season 3 aired way back in 2017, and while the show’s creator Noah Hawley promised that season 4 was coming, he warned that it would take a while. So when word finally came that we’d see new episodes in 2020, fans were elated. But now comes some bad news. Viewers will have to wait a little while longer for the next installment of the anthology series.  

‘Fargo’ Season 4 was supposed to premiere April 19

Chris Rock
Chris Rock | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Season 4 of Fargo was set to premiere on FX on April 19. But with the world — and the entertainment industry — in chaos because of the coronavirus, those plans have changed. Production on the last episodes of the new season has been delayed, and the premiere date has been pushed back indefinitely, the network announced on March 16. 

“Due to the postponement of production related to the coronavirus, the fourth installment of FX’s award-winning limited series Fargo will no longer premiere on Sunday, April 19. A new premiere date will be determined once production resumes,” FX said in a statement.

Sources told TVLine that eight of the 10 season 4 episodes are complete, and that the network hopes to begin airing the new episodes later this year. While a new premiere date has yet to be set, the delay means the show won’t be eligible for the 2020 Emmys.  

What to expect from the next season of ‘Fargo’ 

Like the 1996 film that inspired the show, the three previous seasons of Fargo have all been set in the Upper Midwest, with the bulk of the action taking place in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. But season 4 shifts the setting, with events taking place in Kansas City in the 1950s. 

The new episodes will star Chirs Rock as Loy Cannon, head of an African-American crime family that’s challenging a gang of Italian-Americans for dominance. The cast also includes Jason Schwartzman and Ben Whishaw. 

Noah Hawley says there’s a connection to season 2 

Exactly how Fargo Season 4 might connect to seasons 1, 2, 3 remains to be seen. While each installment of Fargo stands on its own, characters from previous seasons have popped up in later ones. (There have also been nods to the original Coen Brothers movie.) And fans will certainly remember the character Mike Milligan (Bookem Woodbine), who is sent by the Kansas City mob to deal with the Gerhardt family. With the new season set in Kansas City 20 years prior to season 2, some kind of connection between Mike Milligan and the new characters seems inevitable. Writer and producer Hawley says that’s indeed the case. 

“It’s no coincidence that Ben Whishaw’s character is named ‘Milligan,’” Hawley told The Wrap. However, any links between seasons 2 and 4 (or other seasons) will be fairly subtle, he said. “We won’t hit it over the head,” he said. 

A Fargo Season 4 description released last year says that Rock “plays the head of one family, a man who — in order to prosper — has surrendered his youngest boy to his enemy, and who must in turn raise his enemy’s son as his own. It’s an uneasy peace, but profitable. And then the head of the Kansas City mafia goes into the hospital for routine surgery and dies. And everything changes.” 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rock promised that this will be “the biggest Fargo” yet. 

“Fargo normally tells little stories that get out of hand,” he said. “They’re about ordinary people, something happens, and then we get to see how evil ordinary people can be. This is quite different. We start off gangsters, so we’re beginning with bad people, and then it escalates.”