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Farrah Abraham may no longer be a part of Teen Mom, but there’s no doubt the MTV queen certainly left her mark. While she first got her start on 16 and Pregnant, fans became well-acquainted with her drama well after her daughter, Sophia, was born. Now, Farrah doesn’t do much in the way of reality TV — but she does keep her fans updated on what she’s up to on Instagram.

While Farrah has her own social media presence, her 10-year-old daughter does as well. Sophia’s Instagram is full of videos of her dancing along to her favorite music and reviewing beauty products. Because Sophia’s just a child, however, fans frequently take to the comments to scold Farrah for allowing Sophia to be online.

Is Farrah finally listening to her and Sophia’s followers? It looks like it’s possible, as she shut the comments off on Sophia’s latest Instagram posts.

Farrah Abraham believes she’s a great mother to her daughter, Sophia

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham attend 'J'Accuse'
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham attend ‘J’Accuse’ | Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Farrah’s completely aware of all the hate she gets for the way she presents herself online and her parenting. But she pays it no mind, as she believes she’s an excellent parent to her daughter, Sophia.

After Sophia turned 10, Farrah talked to The Blast about her parenting skills, too. “I think I had, like, an epiphany this year that I actually am a really good mom. And I think it’s so important for parents to just give themselves a pat on the back,” Farrah said. “I think when your kids hit 10 and you look back on everything that you’ve gone through and you’re like, ‘oh wow, we’ve made it this far and we’re doing great,’ it’s a big deal.”

This is far from the only time Farrah’s mentioned how she believes she’s a good mother, too. We can’t forget the time she got quite emotional on Face the Truth after calling herself a “damn good mom” to those who criticized her on the show.

Sophia appears to get a lot of hate on her Instagram

Farrah may think she’s doing everything she can to ensure Sophia is living a happy and healthy life, but the child still gets tons of criticism for what’s posted to her Instagram. We’re not sure if Sophia sees everything her followers say, but she’s given some indication that she knows what’s going on. On Sept. 28, 2019, she read her “hater comments” on video, which alarmed many.

“I am going to be reading my hate comments on Instagram and roasting them because, why not?” Sophia told the camera. “I get them every day. I get them all the time.”

Fans took to the comments section to drag Farrah for her parenting once again.

“This is sad, but she can’t help who she is raised by, and y’all bashing her is awful, it’s her mother fault that she’s so damage,” one follower commented.

“It’s normal for children to act like their parents. No surprise here,” another wrote.

Farrah turned the comments off on Sophia’s recent posts

Farrah’s never been one to let the negativity get to her, and we imagine she tells Sophia the same. But it looks like she may now be taking some extra steps to keep Sophia away from the hate. Farrah posted a video on Jan. 11 of Sophia dancing and another on Jan. 13 of Sophia with a friend eating ice cream, and both social media posts have the comments disabled.

Farrah may be taking some extra steps to help Sophia’s mental health outside of the internet, too. E! News reports the Teen Mom star mentioned on the Juicy Scoop podcast that she and Sophia both go to therapy.

“We do a lot of family therapy because of her not having her father and also being in the public eye,” Farrah said.

We’re not sure if Farrah will continue to keep the comments disabled on Sophia’s posts, but perhaps it’s for the best to protect her daughter from unnecessary online bullying.

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