Farrah Abraham’s Net Worth and How She Makes Money After Her Firing From ‘Teen Mom’

We’ve watched the stars of MTV’s Teen Mom grow up since they were just 16 years old. Now, the original cast members are in their mid-20s — and we’ve lived through their hardships and victories on our TVs. Fortunately, many of them are now worth quite a lot of money that will certainly help enrich the lives of their children from now until old age.

There’s no star in particular who’s known for her many business endeavors, too. Not only is Farrah Abraham the most notorious Teen Mom star when it comes to drama (and we can’t forget how she was let go from the show, either), but she’s also really made a name for herself over the years. Here’s Farrah’s net worth, as well as what she’s up to now.

She started her empire by making tens of thousands on MTV

Farrah Abraham and Sophia
Farrah Abraham and Sophia | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

She may no longer be associated with MTV, but there’s no doubt that without the network, Farrah wouldn’t be half as wealthy as she is today. She was a regular on Teen Mom since 2009, In Touch Weekly reminds us, and she was one of the stars who seemingly drove the ratings due to her larger-than-life personality and outrageous quarrels. In total, she was in over 60 episodes of the show. And per episode, she was reportedly making around $30,000. That’s enough to make her a millionaire even without her other business ventures.

Farrah has also stepped away from Teen Mom and into the realm of other TV shows, too, which brought her even more cash. She’s been on Couples Therapy, Celebrity Big Brother, and Million Dollar Matchmaker. 

Her adult movies, promotions, and branding bring in most of her income today

Farrah Abraham cannes
Farrah Abraham | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

Farrah’s made it clear that she’s a self-made businesswoman who doesn’t need MTV for her wealth — and so far, she’s proven to everyone that she’s right. In Touch Weekly reminds us that Farrah has actually starred in two horror movies. Additionally, her infamous sex tapes have also brought her millions. The first one allegedly brought in around $1.5 million, and it was also raking in monthly royalties of around $60,000 as of 2013. She starred in another tape that also allegedly brought in millions, too.

And that’s not all. When she’s off the screen, The Squander reports Farrah made even more money when she created a line of sex toys, and she’s also launched a frozen yogurt shop, a clothing for kid’s clothes, a toy store, and a line of pasta sauces. And she wasn’t quite finished with her creative endeavors either, as she also has a book about her life as a teenage mother and released a studio album.

Total estimated net worth in 2018

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

As far as Farrah’s net worth is concerned, there’s no doubt she’s a millionaire — though exactly how much is still up for debate. While plenty of news outlets have estimated her net worth is somewhere around $1 million, The Squander says Farrah’s father, Michael, claims she has a lot more money than that. He says her branding and marketing deals are bringing in the most money at this point, too.

Due to her additional income she’s made after Teen Mom, her estimated net worth in 2018 is now within the vicinity of $3-6 million.

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