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Whether it’s Disney Channel, Pixar, or Star Wars, fans have come to love these characters despite their bad first impressions. Here are a few of our favorite Disney “villains” that actually turned out to be the good guy of their respective movies. 

General Hux and Kylo Ren from ‘Star Wars’

In the first movie of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, these two are proud members of the First Order. By the end of the third movie, though, they’ve both had a change of heart. General Hux decides to save Finn and Poe to make Kylo Ren lose. 

Kylo Ren returns to the Light Side as Ben Solo to fight the Emperor alongside Rey. He even saves her life in the end, dying in the process. With the help of these two First Order members, the Resistance is able to survive and finally defeat the Dark Side.

Te Ka from ‘Moana’

The journey to restore the heart of Te Fiti isn’t an easy one. There’s an ocean full of monsters that Moana and Maui must face along the way, including the fire monster named Te Ka. Once Moana is ready to restore the heart, she realizes that she’s been wrong all along and Te Ka was actually the goddess herself. 

She tells the ocean to let her come forward. With her kindness and understanding, Moana places the heart in Te Ka and returns her back to who she truly is. As a result, Te Fiti restores life on Moana’s island and even gives Maui a new hook!

Gabby Gabby from ‘Toy Story 4’

She’s just a little misunderstood is all. Gabby Gabby had been defective from the box, so she’s never really had a kid or anyone to play with. When she meets Woody and finds out he has a working pull string, she eventually convinces him to give it to her. 

Even with her new voicebox, though, Gabby Gabby doesn’t end up with the child she dreamed of. Instead, she ends up matching up with a little girl who needs her support more than she needs her. 

Elsa from ‘Frozen’

Not that she ever started out as a monster, but some of the people in Arendelle called her that once they saw her powers. After an ice-filled coronation and reception, Elsa caused all of Arandelle to freeze over.

When Anna went to find Elsa and unfreeze everything, Elsa pierced her heart. Of course, it was all an accident, but Elsa even ended up in jail for almost killing some soldiers. 

Since then, however, Elsa became a hero for her kingdom, even saving them a second time with Disney’s sequel to the animated movie, Frozen 2. Her powers became her strength instead of her weakness and eventually brought her and her sister even closer.

Disney Channel's 'Descendants 3'
Disney Channel’s ‘Descendants 3’ | David Bukach via Getty Images

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Mal from Disney Channel’s original movie, ‘Descendants’

As the daughter of Maleficent, this character has been taught how to be evil pretty much since birth. However, when Mal goes to school with the daughters and sons of heroes, she falls in love and realizes that she wants to be a good person. She helps save her school and classmates and sequels to this movie, including Descendants 2 and Descendants 3.

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