‘FBI’ TV Show: Scola’s Departure from Wall Street Will Be Explained

FBI will delve into the world of Wall Street. This episode focuses on a mysterious Wall Street murder. Stuart Scola will also reveal information about his life before joining the team. Here’s a look at what to expect this week on FBI.

Stuart Scola reveals more about himself on ‘FBI’

John Boyd on 'FBI'
Stuart Scola and his team look for a suspect on ‘FBI.’ | Michael Parmelee/CBS via Getty Images

During FBI Season 3 Episode 13 (titled “Short Squeeze”), the CEO of a major brokerage firm is murdered in front of protesters. The team is trying to figure out who would want the businessman dead. We also learn more about why Stuart Scola left his job on Wall Street and started working for the FBI.  

Who plays Stuart Scola on ‘FBI’?

Stuart Scola is played by actor John Boyd. One of his early roles was in the 2005 film The Notorious Betty Page, in which he played the role of Jack. That same year, Boyd appeared in the movie Building Girl.

After a few more films, Boyd starred in the television series 24. He played the character Arlo Glass for 24 episodes in 2010. Boyd’s next appearance as a series regular was in the TV show Bones. He played James Aubrey for 56 episodes from 2014 to 2017.

John Boyd on Stuart Scola

Kristen Chazal and John Stuart Scola are on the job.
Kristen Chazal and John Stuart Scola are on the job. | Elizabeth Fisher/CBS via Getty Images

Boyd says Scola is a lot of different things. “He’s interesting, he’s sarcastic, he’s witty, he’s irreverent,” says Boyd during an interview with CBS. “He doesn’t really have time for B.S. He’s not about to get played by people. He’s not apologetic about what he has to do. He has a job and he’s here to do it. That’s what I like about him; he’s suspicious of everybody. He’s got a little bit of attitude.”

Scola is haunted by the death of his brother, who was killed during the events that took place at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Boyd explains a little about Scola’s history.

“My character’s background is that his brother died in 9/11,” Boyd tells CBS. “I went to the 9/11 Memorial, and that was an incredibly powerful experience. I really needed to understand someone coming into a life of service in law enforcement after a devastating loss.”

What happened last time on ‘FBI’

During FBI Season 3 Episode 12 (titled “Fathers and Sons”), the team investigates a case where a father (Octavio Diaz) paid someone to give up their kidney so he could save his dying son. Octavio is so desperate to get his son a new kidney that he kidnaps two doctors. He’s running out of time, so he forces them to do the transplant right away.

This is a tough case for Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) because his son is also sick. He learns during this episode that his son has leukemia. Jubal identifies with the kidnapper because he would also do anything to save his son’s life. Jubal worked hard to make sure the team found a transplant surgeon to complete the young boy’s surgery after one of the surgeons is shot during a heated exchange.

FBI airs Tuesdays on CBS at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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