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HBO Max’s reality series FBoy Island introduces three women looking for love. They’re faced with twelve “FBoys” and twelve “nice guys” and have to determine who’s who. One of the women, model and influencer CJ Franco, was known on the show for her verve and razor-sharp honesty. She recently put that honesty on full display when discussing former contestant Garrett Morosky

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from FBoy Island’s season one finale]

CJ Franco stands behind a palm leaf, wearing a bathing suit.
CJ Franco | HBO Max

Sarah Emig lost in the ‘FBoy Island’ season finale

In the season finale of FBoy Island, the women had to pick the three winners. If they chose a “nice guy,” the couple got to split the prize money. If they decided on an “FBoy,” the contestant could split the money or pocket it all for himself. 

Franco chose “nice guy” contestant Jarred Evans, meaning that the two got to split their money. Nakia Renee chose Jared Motley, who, while an “FBoy,” split the money with her. However, when Sarah Emig picked “FBoy” Morosky, he chose to keep the $100,000 for himself. 

“This is a game. I told you what I was,” he told her. “I don’t see a future with you outside of this experience.”

Emig, though clearly shocked and upset, remained surprisingly calm.

“I chose to take a risk, and I don’t regret that decision, but I do regret wasting my time on you,” she said.

CJ Franco admits she would not have reacted as well as her co-star

In an interview with Vulture, Franco said that while Morosky’s decision stunned her, it seemed in line with his personality.

“That was shocking. But he was always an advantageous person. He was looking out for himself. He said whatever he needed to say to get whatever he needed to get,” she said.

Her disgust with Morosky was evident in the season finale. 

“Oh my gosh. You are an a–hole. You are such a d—,” Franco said. 

She noted that she would not have reacted nearly as calmly as Emig if her choice wound up keeping the money.

“Sarah handled it like nothing I’ve ever seen. I honestly would be in jail today if I was Sarah. I would not have handled things the way that she did,” she said. 

While Morosky ended up losing the $100,000, which went to a charity of Emig’s choice, he was likely lucky that he didn’t face the full wrath of Franco.

CJ Franco says she’d be open to returning to the show


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HBO has since renewed FBoy Island for a second season. Franco said that she would “love nothing more” than to appear on the new season in a kind of mentor role. That is if the show lets her.

“I don’t think they would let me, because I’m bad — I’d be giving so much advice. But I would love to go and support the other women and be there to point them in the right direction or to tell them, ‘Hey, you don’t deserve that,’ or, ‘That’s not acceptable behavior,’ because a lot of women don’t have that in their regular lives.”