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For those who consider themselves reality TV-obsessed, we have a feeling you probably already watched HBO Max’s new dating show, FBoy Island. If you haven’t, then we highly recommend turning it on the next time you’re couch-bound because the show is filled with love triangles and, of course, drama! FBoy Island is sort of like a combination of Too Hot to Handle-meets-The Bachelor. Basically, it is set in a tropical island, The Cayman Islands, and revolves around three single ladies and a bunch of bros—some who consider themselves “nice guys” and others who are self-proclaimed “f-boys” (you know, the modern-age player). The hook? $100,000 is on the line, and the leading ladies don’t know who’s there for love or who’s there for the money. Like we mentioned before, if you haven’t seen it yet, get streaming! 

Along with its entertaining premise, the show is filled with comedic relief, thanks to its stand-up host, Nikki Glaser. Here’s how she interacted with the cast, and also what she says was a ridiculous thing about the show. 

Nikki Glaser on red carpet in pink dress speaking
Nikki Glaser | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Nikki Glaser’s mock therapy sessions with the ‘Fboy Island’ cast made for breakthrough moments 

Not only does Glaser bring her brash sense of humor to the elimination rounds, but she also meets with both the men and women to check-in and lends some, should we say, unique advice. According to Men’s Health, Glaser’s therapy sessions with the “f-boys” were her favorite part of the show. She told the outlet in a 2021 interview that the sketch-like therapy allowed for some breakthroughs with the “f-boys” who were booted to “limbro island.” She revealed, “We all entered into that sketch thinking, ‘Oh, this’ll be funny.’ But then I think we all walked away from it like, ‘Oh wow, there was something here where these guys kind of realized the root of what made them F-Boys.’” 

While Glaser made progress with some contestants’ outlook on life, she revealed that there was something she just couldn’t make sense of on the show. 

Nikki Glaser didn’t understand the mens’ fashion choices 

In an interview with Men’s Health about FBoy Island, Glaser also commented on the men’s interesting fashion statements and how their outfits were actually the most ridiculous part of the show. She revealed that during the elimination rounds, she couldn’t get over how over-dressed the group of men actually got. She told the outlet, “The boys would walk in all solemnly, because it’s elimination. Scared to death. And they’re all dressed ridiculously, you know, wearing turtlenecks in 90-degree heat. Or all their shirts were unbuttoned down to their navel for some reason, because guys hate a button. Or their muscles are so big they can’t reach the button. I don’t know what’s going on there.”


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Will Nikki Glaser host ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2?’]

All in all, it sounds like the comedian had a great time hosting her first FBoy Island season—and while all episodes are now available to watch, we can’t wait for when season two will begin filming. We also hope that the next cast won’t just have these special breakthrough moments with Glaser but maybe pack a bit differently for elimination rounds. Even if it is TV, turtlenecks on a hot tropical beach don’t ever mix well together.