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Before diving into FBoy Island Season 2 on HBO, let’s get a quick update on whether CJ Franco, Nakia Renee, and Sarah Emig are still with their men from season 1. CJ left the island with self-proclaimed “Fboy” Jarred Evans to continue their relationship. Meanwhile, Nakia left with OG Jared Motley, who turned out to be a genuine “nice guy.” However, Garrett Morosky and Sarah left the show on the rocks. Who is still together from the reality TV show FBoy Island Season 1?

‘FBoy Island’ Season 1: Are Garrett and Sarah still together?

Garrett Morosky and Sarah Emig are not together. After he revealed his true colors in the FBoy Island Season 1 finale on HBO, the couple did not continue a relationship. Although Emig knew that Garrett labeled himself an “FBoy,” and had a very recent relationship with Love Island’s Lauren Coogan, she chose to continue a relationship with him. Emig felt he had changed for the better. However, Morosky decided to break off the connection in the finale to take the money and run. 

In a strange twist, host Nikki Glaser revealed that Morosky did not get to keep the $100,000 cash prize. Instead, he had to donate the money to a charity of Emig’s choice. The couple did not date after the show, although Morosky and Emig were caught hanging out together. Hopefully, it was for an apology. Nothing further came of the relationship. Morosky recently shared photos on Instagram of himself at Coachella holding hands with Australian model Casey Boonstra. 

‘FBoy Island’ Season 1: Are Jarred Evans and CJ Franco still together in 2022?

New Jarred Evans and CJ Franco from FBoy Island Season 1 are no longer together. They had a similar but different experience in the series. Although Evans did reveal that he was also an FBoy, like Morosky, he split the money with his newfound love interest. Evans and Franco left the show together and tried to make things work. However, the long-distance relationship got the best of them. 

'FBoy Island' Season 1 couple CJ Franco and Jarred Evans with arms locked together
‘FBoy Island’ Season 1: CJ Franco and Jarred Evans | Julie Corsetti/HBO Max

“Life Update,” CJ posted on Instagram on Sept. 19, 2021. “I’m one failed relationship away from starting a Facebook page for my dog.” 

Although CJ did not explicitly state that she and Jarred broke up, fans took it that way. Since then, neither CJ nor Jarred has shared any posts with their FBoy Island partner. Jarred shared a photo and kiss on Instagram with another girl on Valentine’s Day. Jarred and CJ are not together in 2022.

Are OG Jared Motley and Nakia still together?

FBoy Island Season 1 contestants OG Jared Motley and Nakia Renee are not together anymore. Renee shared a video explaining the reasons they broke up in September 2022.

“Things didn’t work out between him and I,” Nakia Renee began in a video shared on Reddit. “We’re kind of going in two different directions as far as, like, what we want. It was a real relationship. It was not just for the camera. It was definitely real. And like any other real relationship — he tried, I tried, and it just didn’t work.”

‘FBoy Island’: Some Fans Believe Garrett Morosky Should’ve Actually Won the Money

Nakia reflected on why the relationship with OG did not work. She felt pressure to make it work since viewers thought she should not have chosen an “FBoy.”

None of the couples from FBoy Island Season 1 are still together. Viewers hope season 2 of the HBO reality TV show ends with love that continues longer than a few months.

FBoy Island Season 2 premieres on HBO Max on July 14, 2022, with the first three episodes. All 10 episodes of season 1 are currently available for streaming on HBO Max.