‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: Who Is Austin Sikora? Instagram, Real Job, Age, and More

FBoy Island Season 2 returned with a new cast of ladies doing the Lord’s work as they try to weed out the FBoys from the Nice Guys on HBO Max’s original reality show. The show’s sophomore season dropped the first three episodes on July 14, 2022, and as the three leads spend more time with the men, it’s getting harder and harder to determine who’s there for the right reasons. Austin Sikora arrived on the island in the second group of guys and quickly butted heads with the other men on the show. So, who is FBoy Island Season 2’s, Austin Sikora? Here’s everything you need to know, including his age, Instagram, real job, and more.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding FBoy Island Season 2 and Austin Sikora.]

'FBoy Island' stars Austin Sikora. The logo for the show is seen in this photo.
‘FBoy Island’ stars Austin Sikora. | HBO Max

Who is Austin Sikora on ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2?

Austin Sikora might have started off at a disadvantage in FBoy Island Season 2. He arrived late, and the three women, Louise Barnard, Mia Emani Jones, and Tamaris Sepulveda, had already connected with some of the other men on the island. However, that didn’t stop him from diving right into the action.

According to People, “Austin enjoys fashion and ecom modeling, going to comedy shows, running and shopping, watching TV, and working out with friends.” 

When asked why he wanted to join FBoy Island Season 2, Austin said he “joined the show to find a nice girl to settle down with and to slow down from modeling. He also wanted to make his ex-girlfriend jealous.”

Excuse us, but wanting to make an ex-girlfriend jealous just reeks of FBoy tendencies. 

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How old is Austin Sikora, and what does he do for a living?

Austin is 25 years old and lives in Rockford, Illinois. He spends his time working as a Doping Control Officer.

Where to find Austin Sikora on Instagram

For those who want to snoop around on social media to learn more about Austin, you can find him on Instagram with the username @austinjsikora. His page lists him as a fashion model and has almost 72,000 followers. Austin’s photos mostly show him posing for photoshoots and modeling different clothes, including underwear. (Spicy.) Other pictures include Austin hanging out with his sister, spending time with his dog, and one promo photo for his time on FBoy Island Season 2.

If Instagram’s not your style, you can always take a look at Austin’s Twitter account. There, he talks about sports and shows off some more modeling photos.

Spoilers for ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 regarding Austin Sikora

Austin arrives late and leaves fairly early during FBoy Island Season 2. In episode 4, some of the men make disparaging remarks about Louise. Austin took it upon himself to relay the information to Louise.

“The other night, Saturday, I was sitting with Niko, Kyland, and Kian. Kyland was just kind of saying some really disrespectful stuff. He was talking about your guys’ date and how you were on top of him in the pool. But he also said that you’re just a kissing booth, like just put 25 cents in you and you’ll kiss anybody,” he said.

Later in the FBoy Island Season 2 episode, things get heated between Kyland and Austin after Kyland confronts him for talking about him to Louise. While Kyland denies Austin’s allegations, Austin stands his ground. Some of the other men in the house don’t appreciate Austin’s attempt to start drama. However, Kyland dug his own grave, and Austin lived to see another day in FBoy Island Season 2.

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