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Now that HBO’s FBoy Island Season 2 cast member Austin Sikora is stuck in Limbro, he’s revealed some secrets. The details about that Limbro house still seem sketchy, but he did give some interesting information about what goes on behind the scenes of the reality TV show.

‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: Austin Sikora reveals why he decided to stir the pot

In a question and answer session with some beloved fans of FBoy Island Season 2, Austin Sikora shared his motives for throwing Kyland Hewett-Newbill under the bus. Austin told Louise that Kyland described her as a “kissing booth” and bragged about his hot-and-heavy time in the hot tub with her. 

However, as Whitney Danhauer explains in the Showbiz Cheat Sheet YouTube video below, Austin’s intentions did not seem sincere. Was he looking out for Louise, or was he trying to shake things up for himself. Luckily, Austin gave fans some insight into his game play after Louise Barnard sent him packing his bags to Limbro for joining the show as an FBoy.

“My original plan was to definitely try to win some money, but coming in late was a pretty big disadvantage this season I feel like compared to last,” Austin explained in a Reddit AMA. “I felt like the girls this season had their minds made up on who they wanted to be with by the time Elijah, Aaron and I came in so after seeing that I said ‘f it’ and stirred the pot.”

Austin told fans what it was like behind the scenes of ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2

During the same “Ask Me Anything,” Austin gave a lot of tidbits about what filming FBoy Island Season 2 was like behind the scenes. What do the guys do when they don’t get picked to go on one of the dates with the three women of season 2.

“[There was] tons of downtime!” Austin began. “When the girls were on dates we’d film some funny side skits or catch up on interviews and things like that! Once that was done we’d literally just lounge around all day and hangout in the pool or beach – it was pretty kick ass!!”

Austin also revealed that he made incredible memories at the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, filming location.

'FBOY Island' Season 2 Zachary Wambold, Kyland Hewett-Newbill, Noam Atzil, Elijah Connolly, and Austin Sikora sitting around the table at Limbro
‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: Zachary Wambold, Kyland Hewett-Newbill, Noam Atzil, Elijah Connolly, and Austin Sikora | Hassen Salum/HBO Max

“Honestly it was just all an amazing experience,” he continued. “We had 5 star chefs at the house, we were on a beach front property, we could see whales jump (which I’ve never seen before), I met some pretty cool people (Niko, Mercedes, Casey,) and got the opportunity to be on TV! After filming when you get voted off – it was also a lot of fun – we had a lot more freedom than when we were filming or before so most of the guys took advantage of that ? But being in the ocean while the whale mommas were jumping with their babies – that was probably my favorite memory. You feel the power of nature and it was incredible!”

Would Austin ever consider returning to ‘FBoy Island’ on HBO?

“I’d love to return to the show!” Austin responded to another fan in the Reddit post. “It was a spectacular experience and very very fun! I really enjoyed reality TV so if I can continue to do things in that medium I would love to!”

Austin also liked the way that the producers portrayed him. In every reality TV show, someone always feels that the producers unfairly edited their time on the show to make them look worse. However, Austin did get that feeling.  

“I think I was given a pretty fair edit,” he added. “I was only in a few episodes and I am really happy with how I’m portrayed. Even though I’m a ‘villain’ it wasn’t too over the top that would embarrass my family you know?”


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Is Limbro real on ‘FBoy Island’?

Austin insists that Limbro was miserable. When viewers watch FBoy Island Season 2, they see a big open area with wooden cots. It’s directly in the sun and looks uncomfortable. Is that where the guys sleep, or is it part of the drama? 

“Limbro was not as nice as the house, that’s for certain,” Austin explained. ? “We’d sleep on wood and eat protein bars and sat in the hot sun all day long.”

The truth is that the reality TV contestants sign non-disclosure agreements about specific things they are not allowed to reveal. Limbro is one of those things the stars are not allowed to discuss in depth. So, they all repeat the same things: They slept on wood cots. However, it sounds like he’s joking, indicated by the laughing emoji, and he did report that at least the guys have a house. It’s simply “not as nice.” 

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