‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 Finale Shocker – Meet the Show’s First FGirl, [SPOILER]

When HBO Max introduced the world to FBoy Island in 2021, it quickly became a hit. The reality TV dating show tasks three women with weeding out the self-proclaimed FBoys from the Nice Guys in a group of men. FBoy Island Season 2 returned on July 14, 2022, with a new trio of ladies and a new batch of men. However, the finale included one big shocker – the show’s very first FGirl.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding the FBoy Island Season 2 finale.]

'FBoy Island' Season 2 featured the show's first FGirl, Tamaris Sepulveda, seen here wearing a black formal gown next to Mia Emani Jones and Louise Barnard.
Meet ‘FBoy Island’s’ first ever FGirl, Tamaris Sepulveda. | Courtesy of HBO Max

A quick refresher of the rules for ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2

When FBoy Garrett Morosky took the money for himself in FBoy Island Season 1, host Nikki Glaser ruined his plans when she announced he had to donate it to Sarah Emig’s charity of choice. Several fans disagreed with the decision not to allow Garrett to keep the money in the end, claiming that he played the game as instructed. It appears as though the producers listened because FBoy Island Season 2 came with a few new rules.

In the first episode of FBoy Island Season 2, Glaser announced that there would be no take-backs this season. Instead, if the men chosen in the finale decided to keep the money for themselves, that’s that. The men walk away with the entire $100,000 prize. The couple splits the money if the guy chooses to pursue a relationship after filming ends.

However, Glaser also announced another option in the FBoy Island Season 2 finale. The women now have the option to keep the entirety of the cash prize for themselves. This moment clearly hints that FBoy Island Season 2 might have an FGirl in its midst.

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‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 star Tamaris Sepulveda is the show’s first FGirl

Throughout the entirety of FBoy Island Season 2, Tamaris struggled to connect closely with any of the men. She went back and forth between reformed FBoy Casey Johnson and Nice Guy Tom Carnifax, but during episode 9, Tamaris asked Niko Pilalis to return from the Nice Guy Grotto and join her back at the mansion. With very little time left on the island, producers allowed Tamaris and Niko a 24-hour date.

In the FBoy Island Season 2 finale, Tamaris wavered between Casey and Niko before announcing she, in fact, was an FGirl the whole time. She chose neither of the men and decided to keep the entire $100,000 for herself.

‘FBoys Island’ Season 2 hinted at FGirl Tamaris Sepulveda the entire season

After Casey and Niko each gave their reasons why Tamaris should pick them, Glaser asked to announce her final decision.

“Niko, I feel like you can’t handle me, and our lives can’t mesh together. Casey, you’re really good with your words, and you have opened up to me, but I’m not sure if you’re being honest. I choose myself,” Tamaris said as everyone’s jaws dropped. “I can’t be anyone’s girl and I came here as an FGirl.”

In a confessional, Tamaris explained, “Even though it was a very hard decision, sometimes you have to choose yourself. That’s never a bad thing. I’m not going to lie, I had fun. It’s just that these guys wanted something more than I could offer them. Guys have been breaking up with girls and hurting them for years. This is nothing new, and it’s not like a smack in the face and they didn’t see this coming.”

FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 10 then showed clips of different things Tamaris said throughout the season that made it clear she was an FGirl all along. Well done, Tamaris. We can’t even be mad about it.

All episodes of FBoy Island Season 2 are now streaming on HBO Max.

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