‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: Host Nikki Glaser Knows ‘How Stupid It Is’ But It’s ‘Not Fake’

HBO’s FBoy Island Season 2 is underway, with comedian Nikki Glaser hosting once again. The series is a parody of other reality TV dating shows like The Bachelor and Love Island. However, mixed in with all of the hysterical comedy are 26 men and three women looking for love. Well, 13 are FBoys looking for clout, fame, and fortune, but the other 13 nice guys want to find love (we think). Luckily, even Nikki Glaser knows “how stupid it is,” but somehow, it’s a “pressure cooker for deep love.” 

Host Nikki Glaser describes ‘FBoy Island’ as a ‘pressure cooker for deep love’ 

In a recent podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Nikki Glaser explained her feelings about reality TV shows and why she pushed to be the host of FBoy Island.

“I begged for this hosting job because I have always watched these shows and I’ve enjoyed them more than any other shows,” Glaser told Conan. “I really fall for it. I do believe these people really fall in love. When you are put into a bubble, when you have no cell phone, no family or friends to talk to and all you’re doing is going on dates. All you’re doing is talking to the other guys or the other girls that you’re with about the guys and girls that you’re interacting with.”

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She explained that there’s nothing left to do but fall in love in Cabo San Lucas, where they filmed FBoy Island Season 2.

“Every interview you do with the producer is ‘Ryan really likes you. How are you feeling about him? I saw you light up when you talked to him,'” she explains. “You quickly fall in love and it is not fake. It is a pressure cooker for deep love. I see these people fall really really hard. I get chills during elimination ceremonies. I tear up.”

The combination of things that go together to create this magical island setting is a recipe for feelings. Although she knows most contestants aren’t going on FBoy Island looking for love, the feelings find them.

She’s aware of how dumb the concept of ‘FBoy Island’ is

'FBoy Island' host Nikki Glaser at an elimination ceremony
‘FBoy Island’: Nikki Glaser | Hassen Salum/HBO Max

As much as host Nikki Glaser believes in the love and relationships people find on FBoy Island, she’s aware of the ridiculous aspect of it all. 

“Its called Fboy Island, I know how stupid it is,” she adds in the same podcast. “I saw the casting tapes. These people leave the island devastated or in love. It really does happen.”

The men send the production casting tapes where they explain how much of a “F*ck Boy” they genuinely are. Then they go on the show and fall in love. It does sound ridiculous, but Glaser insists it happens. 

Nikki Glaser describes ‘FBoy Island’ as a zoo

To explain her point, Glaser compared FBoy Island to watching animals at a zoo. 

“It’s like a zoo,” she begins her analogy. “When people say that reality shows are fake it bothers me because the scenarios are fake but the emotions are real. These people are not that good of actors. It would be impossible. No one watches two pandas mate and is like ‘that’s so fake.’ No, we put them there and they’re going to mate eventually.”

They create scenarios, and love finds a way! The FBoy Island Season 2 finale hits HBO on Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022. Episodes 1-8 are currently available for streaming on HBO and HBO Max.

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