‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: Is Peter Park a Nice Guy? The Numbers Give Away This Spoiler

In HBO’s FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 6, the men revealed if they were an FBoy or a nice guy, except Peter Park. The producers of the reality TV series had to leave viewers hanging on that one. Although, if we do a little simple math, the spoiler is right in front of our faces. Find out below why we think Peter Park’s status as an FBoy or Nice Guy was already revealed on FBoy Island Season 2.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding FBoy Island Season 2 Episodes 1-6.]

‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: Nikki Glaser teased the number of FBoys and Nice Guys

Since FBoy Island Season 2 began, host Nikki Glaser continuously teased the number of FBoys and Nice Guys at the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, filming location. It’s always even. In episode 1, she explained that 13 FBoys and 13 nice guys were there to meet Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard, and Tamaris Sepulveda. Then she added some fresh meat — four men — to keep things even. 

With 30 men, many viewers pointed out that the FBoy to nice guy ratio is 15 to 15.

“Peter has to be an F-Boy,” one viewer wrote on Reddit. “They revealed 15 nice guys and 14 F-boys. So by process of elimination….”

‘FBoy Island’: Is Peter Park a nice guy?

Peter Park is not a nice guy if the numbers are evenly distributed. As men get eliminated in FBoy Island Season 2, they reveal their status as an FBoy or a Nice Guy. However, the series also shakes things up a bit. In episode 6, the remaining men revealed their status. So, we have a complete picture of the FBoys and Nice Guys except for Peter Park. Below are the 14 FBoys so far:

Peter Park with his hands on his hips in 'FBoy Island'
‘FBoy Island’: Peter Park | Julie Corsetti/HBO Max
  • Braydon Elgar (Mia)
  • Kian Lewis (Mia)
  • Danny Louisa (Mia)
  • Nick Warfield (Louise)
  • Mercedes Knox (Louise)
  • Lukasz Yoder (Limbro)
  • Michael Dakessian “Mikey D” (Limbro)
  • Zach Wambold (Limbro)
  • Nick Priola (Limbro)
  • Nikolay Pranchanko (Limbro)
  • Elijah Connolly (Limbro)
  • Noam Atzil (Limbro)
  • Kyland Hewett-Newbill (Limbro)
  • Austin Sikora (Limbro)

‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: A complete list of all the nice guys

In addition to the 14 FBoys revealed, there are 15 nice guys. Many of them are already at “Nice Guy Grotto,” but some are still in the running for the hearts of the three women. 


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  • Casey Johnson (Tamaris)
  • Tom Carnifax (Tamaris)
  • Benedict Polizzi (Louise)
  • Asanté Tait (Tamaris)
  • JaBriane Ross
  • Aaron Spady (Tamaris)
  • Carlos Lopez (Nice Guy Grotto)
  • Jared Seay (Nice Guy Grotto)
  • Ilon Hao (Nice Guy Grotto)
  • Brant Weiss (Nice Guy Grotto)
  • A.C. Long (Nice Guy Grotto)
  • Niko Pilalas (Nice Guy Grotto)
  • Dewayne Rogers (Nice Guy Grotto)
  • Jeremy Edberg (Nice Guy Grotto)
  • John MgBemena (Nice Guy Grotto)

Will we get to add Peter Park to the list of nice guys in FBoy Island Season 2? Probably not. 

FBoy Island Season 2 returns to HBO Max on July 28 with two more episodes. Then the final two episodes drop to the streaming service on Aug. 4.