‘FBoy Island’: What Is Casey Johnson Doing in 2022?

HBO Max dipped its toe into reality TV dating with FBoy Island in 2021. That’s where folks first met Casey Johnson, a charming FBoy who made a run for $100,000 in season 1. While CJ Franco chose Jarred Evans over Casey in the finale, he still managed to gain plenty of fans from his time on reality TV. FBoy Island Season 2 returned on July 14, 2022, and with it came (supposedly) reformed FBoy Casey. This time he’s playing the game as a Nice Guy. With the season 2 finale next week, let’s find out what Casey is doing in 2022.

'FBoy Island' stars Casey Johnson and Garrett Morosky sit on a blanket on the beach.
A bromance for the ages | HBO Max

‘FBoy Island’ Season 1 showed Casey Johnson forming a close bond with King FBoy Garrett Morosky

While Casey may not have walked away with the girl in FBoy Island Season 1, he did walk away with a new best friend in Garrett Morosky. Garrett notoriously tricked Sarah Emig into falling for him and choosing him in the finale, only for him to try to walk away with all the cash for himself. Thankfully, host Nikki Glaser stepped in and told Garrett he had to donate the money to Sarah’s choice of charity. However, after filming ended, Casey and Garrett continually popped up on each other’s social media accounts. At one point, Garrett started a Go Fund Me to try to raise enough money to pay for Casey’s move to the West Coast so the two could share an apartment. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, and Casey stayed in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

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Casey Johnson started modeling men’s fashion after ‘FBoy Island’

It looks like Casey’s stint on FBoy Island Season 1 caused a few clothing brands to notice the 25-year-old. If you check out his Instagram profile under the username @caseyis___, Casey has several photos modeling different outfits. His profile also lists him as a partner with Nova Men, an offshoot of Fashion Nova. Casey’s also tagged in a photo that lists the image as a paid partnership with American Giant, another clothing brand.

Of course, Casey spent at least part of his time filming FBoy Island Season 2. Casey joined the show in the third episode of the season, and nobody knew if he came on as a reformed FBoy or if he was only returning for another chance at the cash prize. However, in episode 6, Casey revealed he returned as a Nice Guy.

Are ‘FBoy Island’ Season 1 stars Casey Johnson and Garrett Morosky still friends?

Casey quickly developed a connection with Tamaris Sepulveda, one of the three women leading the charge in FBoy Island Season 2. Tamaris, however, becomes wary of Casey’s true intentions after Garrett pops by for a talk with Casey. Then, to make matters worse, Garrett inserts himself into an old grudge held between Casey and fellow season 1 FBoy, Peter Park.

Casey and Garrett remain close after their stint on FBoy Island Season 1, but everyone seems a little confused about their friendship. If Casey’s a Nice Guy, why is he still hanging out with the king of all FBoys?

Fans will have to wait and watch the final two episodes of FBoy Island Season 2 to see if Casey really has changed for the better. The last episodes drop on HBO Max on Aug. 4, 2022.

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