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Rumors surrounding Ghost Rider’s appearance in the MCU have been quite diverse. From pipedreams to narratively plausible forms of entry, the character’s intriguing origin story, as well as the multiple versions of the character existing in the comics, makes bringing Ghost Rider into the landscape tempting and achievable. With multiple ways to intertwine the character with existing or soon-to-be existing MCU saviors, the opportunities are endless.  

Blade MCU
The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four ‘Blade’ | Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Recent reports from Tim Vo of Lords of the Long Box, relying on a scoop from Marvel and DC insider Mikey Sutton, suggests that a well-known, female version of Ghost Rider may be coming to the MCU via Blade, starring Mahershala Ali. So, let’s break down the report. 

Ghost Rider may be coming to the MCU via a connection to the man who hunts vampires  

When speaking about his latest intel concerning Ghost Rider and Blade, Tim Vo stated:

The man who hunts vampires meets a woman with her head on fire. No, that’s not the punch line of a joke or the beginning of a joke, but it is something that’s coming to the MCU. And, her name is Alejandra Jones. She’s the next Ghost Rider in the MCU. 

Lords of the Long Box

Tim Vo goes on to explain that Kevin Feige wants to refresh Ghost Rider when bringing the character to the MCU, as the male counterparts have seen their fair share of screen and TV time. 

Not to mention, swapping the character out for the more recent female version will be one way to immediately forge separation between the MCU’s take and prior screen depictions. And, as fans know, Kevin Feige is not one to replicate or duplicate prior studio’s mistakes, which is why the Fantastic Four will likely be better under his supervision. 

Lords of the Long Box goes on to note that discussions have begun to introduce Jones in the first Blade movie; however, considering Blade is still in conceptual stages, these narrative leaks remain unconfirmed but likely. So, what do you have to know about Alejandra Jones? 

Inside Alejandra Jones of Marvel comics

Alejandra Jones is the daughter of an American human trafficker. She was sold by her father, ended up in Nicaragua with Adam (the first man of Biblical legend), and trained with other orphaned children within the confines of a temple to become the next Ghost Rider, as Marvel.Fandom explains. 

Alejandra Jones took over the Ghost Rider mantle after Adam convinced Johnny Blaze to give it up. Alejandra Jones was eventually sent to Dayton Ohio to fight the daughter of Red Skull, where she fought valiantly, but was ultimately defeated.

While Jones’ story is a bit more complicated than the brief history accounted for above, her origin routes back to Adam and Nicaragua, so it will be interesting to see how the MCU chooses to place her character into Blade.  Will she fight alongside him, or come to threaten his practice? Will a romance develop, a friendship, a mutual love-hate?